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Ten tonne motorsport -budget Clio build

  Clio 172 cup
so I thought after 8 months of ownership I’d join the forum and start a build thread so you guys can tell me where I’m going wrong lol.
So I bought the car completely standard in April from Chris at beanie sport with dephaser and belts done the day I collected.
It was bought to be used as a cheap track car to get out and have some fun after owning a high maintenance race/sprint Subaru.
After a few B road and country road blasts I knew a couple bits needed doing.

So with in weeks ok days i was talking to sponsors from my race car about some mods get me going
So whiteline supplied a Whiteline arb ,rear beam bushes and camber bolts.
Emp performance built a custom 2.5 exhaust system which would pass sound regs without a problem.
So parts soon started clogging up the spare I ordered more!
After talking to whiteline about dampers they recommended bilsteins b14 from chevron motorsport next day on door step arrive my dampers.




  Clio 172 cup
So after talking to a couple of mates they recommended the pms solid top mounts and strut brace we ordered them and wow a good looking but if kit are these.
I wanted a cheap induction kit so after having a read up on here I ordered a ram air filter, alloy bends and silicon joiners jobs a gooden for £50.
Removed the new cobras and harnesses that were fitted to the race car last year to soon fit into my clio.
  Clio 172 cup
I picked up a set of vibratechnic engine mounts and a evol dog bone mount 2nd hand from the Facebook page. These were definitely needed as engine rocked the car like a big v8.

Meanwhile I was getting fed up with these parts just stacking up in spare room so I got on phone to Chris @beanie sport to get her booked in to get these fitted.
Chris was probably quite upset to see what I’d done to this standard 172 cup ......

  Clio 172 cup
I had car booked on for ten of the best that weekend so I had to pull my finger out and drop car to beanie sport to fit
Bilsteins, top mounts ,camber bolts ,geo ,engine mounts , arb, rear beam bushes.
I collected car a couple days later and wow what difference best mod I’d say was def engine and box mounts for sure.



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  Clio 172 cup
Yesterday I went to Snetterton ( 300 layout) with a group of friends in various French cars.
Rained all day so I stayed on the continentals rather than changing to my federal rsr as i thought it was the safest bet I dunno lol!
Every corner it was like a d1 drift car lol but with a few stamps on the gas pulls her straight again, what a laugh.
It was far to wet in the pit garage to wanna get wet and soften the arb or disconnect to help with rear grip.


  Clio 172 cup
Now help from you guys be great ...
* how much can I remove from dash area with out disturbing immobilizer and any other electrics?

*best place for plastic windows and door cards?

*best place for brake discs and pads? Kam racing on door step


ClioSport Club Member
  Clubman Cooper S
ACW Motorsport Plastics offer a discount on polycarbs for CS members.

I would highly recommend some 15s for cheap tyres and less weight.
...and get rid of those federal tyres as they are more of a road tyre with a treadware of 140. Look for something under 100 like Toyo r888's or Yoko AD08R/A048's, Avon ZZR, Kumho v70a, Dunlop Direzza etc.