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arctic blue

  1. T9 0LLE

    Turbo Monaco 172

    I've got my build thread but thought I'd post some pics in here for a change since not everyone reads projects :up: A few shots with @182_steve super clean 182.
  2. T9 0LLE

    172 & 182...

    A couple images taken at my local Sunday night meet of mine and @182_steve car... Great colours on both!!
  3. gogs_101

    George's FF 182 Progress Thread

    Hi all, Been lurking on this forum for a couple of months now, decided to finally start a thread for my Arctic Blue FF 182. Picked up the car from a private seller over in Pontefract back in November, paid a fair price given its mileage (~70k) and the crucial belts and timing done in Aug 15 on...
  4. Goodtime

    Goodtime's 182 Arctic blue

    Hi everyones this is my Clio RS 182, 153000km on the clock (around 93/94000miles) Only 63 clio RS 182 has been imported in NL... Now there is round 50/55 still on the road (crash car or exported). My car is remapped, ktec silencer (the intermidiaire and the decat' has been change for the...
  5. J

    My Arctic 182 daily

    Hi all! Finished Uni in June 2015 and got a bit obsessed with 1*2s, so by July I had bought one! I wanted BG or arctic blue, ended up with the blue. Probably wasn't the best deal I could have got but you live and learn! Two pics of when i got it home, I am a terrible photographer! Drove...