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Arctic Blue Clio 182 Project


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  Renault Sport 182
I purchased my Clio 182 for £1100 back in November and it's safe to say I've been in love with her ever since. At the time, I said to myself I'll keep the car past the summer and look to move on afterwards, but who was I kidding... Even though I haven't done any work on it or spent anything on it just yet, I've thoroughly enjoyed using it as my weekend and evening toy. Over the past few weeks, I've come to my senses and decided I want to turn it into a project car, with a view of taking it on the obligatory trip to the ring post Covid-19.

I've attached the 182 in question. As you can see, she's in good condition, but now I've got the itch to do something with it. The work I'm planning on doing to it is mainly aesthetics, as it's already been decatted and lowered. Here's what I'm looking to do to kick things off:

- smoke side indicators
- new brake discs or pads
- new steering wheel with clio sport trim
- rear wiper delete
- front lip
- dash trim set
- grille vinyls
- new drivers fog light
- new alloys/refurb alloys
- smaller front number plate

I'll throw some more images on over the next few days, so updates to come. With it currently sitting on 138k, I'm not looking to spunk a lot into it, however, any tips, advice, do's and don'ts along the way will be greatly appreciated. The biggest job that needs doing on it at the moment is the breaks, so if anyone has any recommendations on brake pads and discs then shout up. Also, I've got an Instagram page set up, so give me a follow if you would like to keep updated: Clio182__ (that's 2 underscores).

Thanks for the read.



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  2014 Clio 200t edc
Very nice and your plans sound great.
What a bargain that was for £1100! Wish I could ind one like that.


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  Renault Sport 182
Very nice and your plans sound great.
What a bargain that was for £1100! Wish I could ind one like that.

Thanks! Yeah a friend of mine has a dealership and specializes in Clios. He got it in P/E and offered it to me for a good price. Fixed the CV joint and it even came with a pioneer stereo! Huge bargain.


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  Badass Toyota
Thats an absolute steal. Nice to see some are still going for bargain prices.
I have rather a lot of discs and pads in stock at the moment. Renault OEM rears are cheap and have the necessary bearings/abs ring. Brembo fronts are probably best value at the moment the other end of the car. Whatever we can get you going properly and still keep that budget well under control :D