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  1. W

    Roll Centre Kit - Replacement Bearings

    Hi, I've got the @NorthloopCup / BIGASH Roll Centre kit, and after a few years of great usage it needs some maintenance. Does anyone know what spec the spherical bearings / rose joints are? Thanks!
  2. C

    Clio 1.2 dynamique 2010 gearbox issue?

    The car: So basically i got this car as a CAT c. Was a pretty good bargain imo. No problems thus far. Has almost 50k on the clock and 2 owners i believe. The problem: Basically 1st and reverse are quite hard to shift into. To get to reverse i basically have to set it to neutral and wait like 1...
  3. G

    Suspension problem

    I have 1.2 16v clio and i noticed that my car is not standing straight it was leaning on drivers side, so mechanic told me that my front spring broke and ive ordered new one he changed it and said u should replace the 2nd one too so i bought another one and replaced it but they are higher and...
  4. DaveDreads

    Grinding from rear on full lock

    So i'm getting a grinding from both sides on full steering lock, it's the kind of grinding you get when your brake pads have worn down, they were an advisory on the last mot so i'm guessing that's what it is. The main thing I want to know is should the discs move like that when cornering, as...