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Clio 1.2 dynamique 2010 gearbox issue?

  Renault clio 1.2 dyn
The car:
So basically i got this car as a CAT c. Was a pretty good bargain imo. No problems thus far. Has almost 50k on the clock and 2 owners i believe.

The problem:

Basically 1st and reverse are quite hard to shift into. To get to reverse i basically have to set it to neutral and wait like 1 sec after pressing the clutch for it to slide in although when the car is warm i dont rly have this issue. However, regardless of car temp when i set off in first gear its all normal and car pulls nice, clutch biting is very good!But when i press the clutch in there is very slight whine/whirring which decrease as the car slows down to hault and then no noise. This ONLY happens in first. I can only hear it when the radio is off and windows up etc.
Any help will be greatly appreciated. Could it be the first gear bearing? Is it worth the 400 quid to replace the bearings??
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