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black gold

  1. A

    Freshly repainted for no reason in particular

    Hi all, just sharing for eye candy purposes. I reckon Charlie Brooker got his idea for Black Mirror from a freshly painted Black Gold 182. I've had the front repainted (stone chips) and the rest machine polished and it is SO shiny it's hard to capture in photos. The white dots on the bonnet is...
  2. AndyPembs182

    Touch up pens

    Any recommendations for touch up pens? I’ve got a few stone chips that I’d like to tidy up. There seem to be lots on eBay, varying costs, and I wondered if any were better or worse than the others?
  3. ksixx

    Creating a OEM+ Daily BG 182

    Just starting this thread off as I've recently acquired a Clio 182 after looking for the best part of 9 months for the right one. I'll update with a full introduction of myself and the car along with my intentions but for now here are a few pictures and some idea of what I've done, going to do...
  4. Niall

    Niall's BG 182

    Thought it was about time to start a project thread for my car. Bought it back in late November looking like this: BG 182 by Niall97, on Flickr BG 182 by Niall97, on Flickr BG 182 by Niall97, on Flickr BG 182 by Niall97, on Flickr Not ideal, but the important bits were all good...
  5. Niall

    Niall's BG 182 & Christopher's UR 200

    So yesterday afternoon myself and @Christopher met up to do some pics, and a long overdue catch up. Been about 3 years or so since I last got some photos of Chris's 200 (as can be seen with the AG 200 on the banner on here), and about the same length of time since I last took photos of cars...
  6. GavC

    Gavin's Black Gold 182 - Progress Thread

    Hey everyone, If you saw my other thread in the media section you will know that I recently lost my gold ph1 non-sport due to a rotton subframe and sills so it had to go unfortunately! I absolutely loved it for my 5 years of ownership, I had a blast doing it up and it was absolutely sound...