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  1. ClioDude55

    Blowing sound from 16v mk2

    I get a blowing sound every time I press the gas, no matter the rpm. Coming from under the engine cover/back of motor. Anyone have any idea? Have checked for leaks on all hoses u can se without jacking up the car ?
  2. C

    2003 clio dynamique - loss of power / blowing black smoke out the exhaust

    I’ve been having this problem for the past 2 months and everywhere I take the Clio I keep getting told different things... Whenever I drive my clio it loses power and I have to keep switching gears every few minutes in order for it to stay up in higher revs for it to drive... and it’s blowing...
  3. T

    Is my head gasket blown?? PLEASE HELP

    i have a 2005 1.2 Clio (mark II) 124k miles Started noticing a significant loss of engine power, struggle to get the revs up, gear stick shaking violently while stationary at traffic lights now it’s at the point where it can barely even get up a Hill in low gear, hill starts are impossible...
  4. C


    Hello everyone i have rencenly purchased my first car (renault clio 1.2 16v) When i am parked and turn my steering wheel left or right i get loud clunking sound and also in a particular spot when turning. I have taken my car to a garage so they could have a look and give me a diagnostic on the...
  5. J

    Please Help!

    Hi guys, so I own a 1.2 16v Extreme 3 clio. I've had the car for 6 months now and i've been getting this problem The thing is, it will only last for a few hours untill I turn on the car next, the light on the right will still be on, but usually the next day there are no lights at all. The light...
  6. Niall

    Alternator Broken, Possible Water Damage?

    So, my alternator is knackered. Car broke down on NYE with a flat battery, and the AA man quickly diagnosed the alternator which I'd known might have been a problem for a little while because of the STOP and battery light that had been flickering. The AA man got it working again by giving it a...
  7. Sir Nancy Flowers

    Heater Stopped Working

    Hello All, I know this topic has probably been covered 1000 times but I figured I would post my results. My heater fans were on the blink when I collected the car in February. They would intermittently work and then suddenly die, always when starting the car up from cold. The lights on the...
  8. A

    poorly 182 does'nt like slow traffic????

    Hi everyone i'm new to this :) story is i bought a 182 FF with 109k around 2 years ago, spent a load of cash on the thing. It has 130k on the clock but still used to drive really nice until a trip from Tamworth to Edinburgh and back again, ever since that long trip, the car has been acting up...