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  1. AndyPembs182

    Sub-£100 dual action polishers

    I’ve been looking at dual action polishers and have watched a load of YouTube vids and read a lots of reviews. The DAS-6 PRO seems to be the one which is highly recommended, but do I really want to spend £115 on the machine and then another £30 or so on pads, backing plates....? There seem to...
  2. JP83

    Steering Wheel and Boss recommendation

    So I already have a Sparco dished wheel, and I believe an OMP boss. However, with my B&G quick release fitted, the wheel is a tad close to the gut. Long term solution = lose some weight. Short term = a flat wheel, and maybe a shallow boss? Any recommendations on something that won't break the...
  3. RichAwty

    Low budget 1.2 project

    Thought I'd start a project thread to show the progress on tidying up Black Phillip (my little 1.2). This will be done on a budget as I have other commitments requiring most of my money so I'll be looking to start making small changes and improvements to do three things; 1) keep it running well...
  4. JP83

    Project: Nick Frost 172

    So it's finally happened.... Nick Frost has gone and got himself a 172! After a 2nd trip to Llandow this year (August 2014), enough was enough. Ever since being taken out in a Renault Sport Clio, I'd had a hankering for one. The plan was to buy one on the cheap (very cheap!), and slowly...