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Low budget 1.2 project

  RS 200 CUP
Thought I'd start a project thread to show the progress on tidying up Black Phillip (my little 1.2).
This will be done on a budget as I have other commitments requiring most of my money so I'll be looking to start making small changes and improvements to do three things; 1) keep it running well, 2) tidy up the appearance and 3) make it a little unique and something I am happy with.
I appreciate some of the changes won't be to everyone's taste (there may be some stickerbombing soon) but I'm going to be driving this for a couple of years while I build up my no claims and then get myself a 172/182 so I want to be able to enjoy it.

Got some headlights on the way from @Darren61 so I'll update again when I get them and fit them. Also ordered some silver vision indicator bulbs to go in. If anybody has suggestions for any little jobs that can make a big difference then let me know. I'm thinking colour coded side strips might be the next job.


ClioSport Club Member
You've got some good plans there. Maybe a 182 interior? Sure you can get that for a good price on here..

Looking forward to seeing the head lights!
  RS 200 CUP
You've got some good plans there. Maybe a 182 interior? Sure you can get that for a good price on here..

Looking forward to seeing the head lights!

Yeah I've been thinking of upgrading my interior, I'll have to keep an eye on the sale section.
I also have a dent in my passenger door that the car was written off for before I had it so I'm hoping to sort that soon (its about the size of a 5p coin).
  RS 200 CUP
Quick update on the budget project - new headlights are in and looking far better than the murky originals (tried to restore them twice). Had a connection issue on one of the indicators but my dad thinks he has a solution so i'll be calling round after work to try and get it fixed. Started to personalise my interior a little, I know its not to everyone taste but I've wrapped a bit of the plastic in black and white marvel sticker vinyl. Will be doing a bit more with it but trying not to go OTT. Don't plan on increasing the cars value or anything, just trying to enjoy it and have a bit of fun before I hopefully upgrade towards the end of the year.
  RS 200 CUP

Update on my car; this pic is from a few weeks back after a good clean and a trip to Snugburys for some ice cream. Petrol cap has the same marvel stickerbomb as the bits inside.
I've just been given a sub and amp from a friend who's had 3 clio sports and used to be a member on here. Got a wiring kit for it today so hoping to get that fitted soon and will get some better door speakers too (any recommendations?). Not looking to be cranking up the volume to max on maccies car park or anything but wanted a better sound quality for the journey to and from work. I also may or may not have put a load of black and white stickers around the edges of the rear windows, most will hate it but its a bit of fun and puts a smile on my face. Want to keep going with the black and white theme so any suggestions welcome, I'm considering spraying the side stripe white but don't know if that will be a bit too much.

Will get a pic of the stickers soon so everyone can tell me how stupid it looks :p