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  1. B

    Powerflex black series vs purple?

    Hi everyone About to purchase some bushes for my 172 cup. I’m looking at the powerflex black series and the purple ones. Is the black really that much better?
  2. A

    Creeking front suspension

    Hi everyone, Just bought a Clio RS200 EDC and I've noticed that after the car has been sitting a while the first few bumps I go over I get a creaking sound from the front suspension area. Has anyone had this issue before? the car has only done 29k miles. I had a similar issue with my old civic...
  3. AndyPembs182

    Dogbone bushes - which colour?!

    I want to re-bush my 182 dog bone with Powerflex and am wondering which colour to use. I don’t intend taking it on the track, so it’ll be fast road use. I know that black is intended for track, but would there be any benefit to using them anyway?
  4. AndyPembs182

    Front ARB bushes

    My inner front ARB bushes are starting to perish - should I go for original Renault or aftermarket? Pros and cons welcomed in replies/comments....
  5. frayz

    PhillipM Engineered Dogbone - Finally a proper clever solution.

    Not sure if anyone else has seen one of these yet, but i am so impressed by it, I felt the need to share. I recently fitted a new prototype Poly dogbone from PhillipM. This is really quite impressive, much improved gear selection and control of the engines torque reaction. However absolutely...
  6. sUpErShOoTeRs 46

    Where to buy Powerflex washers

    Hi all, Wondering if any0ne can help me out Is there anywhere that sells the Powerflex lower arm washers separately for Clio 172's? Someone is selling lower arms with black bushes but can't find the washers because he's a raging spastic t**t. The pic below is what they look like Any help...
  7. Carlos_2017

    Rear axle/beam bush

    Hiya lads/ladies, How hard are the rear beam bushes to remove? And is it going to piss me off? Cheers, Carlos.
  8. Raceface_13

    powerflex black wishbone bushes

    cant decide if I should get new OE arms or get some black powerflex bushes, iv been doing abit of online digging and a lot of pre 2012 posts are saying the powerflex bushes are utter rubbish, seems post 2012 they revised the design from the purple to the black one that don't need tack welding...