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    Clio mk4 EDC 200 RS

    Hey, I just had a couple of questions if anyone here has any idea… So i have a 2013 clio RS EDC, with 100k km, it works as it should with no major faults i do have a question about the gearbox. So i had a fault that said motor for reverse overheated when i tried putting it in reverse. Before...
  2. U

    Clio mk3 clicking front drivers side?

    I’ve had a clicking sound on the front drivers side of my car for a few months and I can’t figure out what it is. it started happening a few thousand miles after changing dics and pads. It happens when pulling off or when I accelerate then come off the accelerator. What I’ve changed: Brake pads...
  3. M

    2003 clio dynamique Electrical issue

    Hi, I have an intermittent electrical issue, the wipers, locks, remote locking, headlights and indicators are not working all of the time, also car won't start if she hasn't been started in a hour or so without turning on the indicators and either waiting or repeatedly turning the key until the...
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    Clio starting problem - fixed

    Hi...thought i would post this solution on here as despite pleas for help on the renault and RAC forums (with no replies) the best advice/guidelines came from searching this forum. 1.2 16v 2004 clio Fault was... Turn ignition on, fuel pump relay clicks 5/6 times, fuel pump doesn't prime, engine...