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clio 1.4 engine

  1. J

    Clio 1.4 2001 Won't Start

    Hi Guys, I'm new here! A few weeks ago I bought a 2001 Clio 1.4 manual and last night on my way back from work and while I was driving I heard a strange noise then looked down at the revs and saw the engine was not running. While I was still rolling I pulled over to the side of the road and...
  2. I

    Clio 57 plate 1.4 turbo?

    So I have had my Clio for a year... I love it, its the perfect size, dropped a sub in and new speakers to go in it soon. However there's never enough power when I really need it. Its relatively quick but as a 1.4 it struggles to pull... in any gear lol. I want to drop a turbo into it, I don't...
  3. L

    Headlights v6 optic or casual? Clio 172

    Hello. So unfortunately i've had smaller accident with my car few weeks ago. My left headlight got damaged in the crash so i am going to change my headlights. So my question is should i replace only left one with the casual one or should i get two with lenses and sell the old one? Btw, right one...
  4. dylanbatt74

    1.4 8V Clio II Engine Identification ?

    Hello, I have a Clio II W reg, 14 Sport 8v, Now the head gasket has gone, its all stripped down but ive hit a bit of a wall. Im unsure winch model engine is in ? K7J or E7J, After looking around the Google ive managed to get the K7J had the liners in and the E7J was just a solid block ? Is...