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Clio 57 plate 1.4 turbo?

  Renault Clio 1.4
So I have had my Clio for a year... I love it, its the perfect size, dropped a sub in and new speakers to go in it soon. However there's never enough power when I really need it. Its relatively quick but as a 1.4 it struggles to pull... in any gear lol. I want to drop a turbo into it, I don't mind doing all the work myself however I'm not very educated on turbos even after the thousands of videos :D. does anyone have any recommendations? or any experience. I know its probably not a good Idea but Im set on doing it and I would love the communities advice on what turbo would be best. For all round power would be great but even if it kicked in 3500/4000 rpm i would love it.

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ClioSport Club Member
megane engine would cost much the same and be less hassle for 250-300hp

if you just want a turbo sell it and buy a 1.2 turbo one probably wont cost you much if anything to do the swap depending on the age/condition of your car.

TRW Performance do a turbo kit for that engine if your set on it a lot of cost and work for 160hp though when the 1.2 turbo just needs a set of injectors, downpipe and intercooler to run around 150hp