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Headlights v6 optic or casual? Clio 172

Lens or no lense?

  • V6 optic or casual?

  • V6 optic

  • Casual ones

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  Clio ll ph 1
Hello. So unfortunately i've had smaller accident with my car few weeks ago. My left headlight got damaged in the crash so i am going to change my headlights. So my question is should i replace only left one with the casual one or should i get two with lenses and sell the old one?
Btw, right one should be polished and i think i should get ones with lenses cause of better visibility


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  monaco 172
I have no idea what a casual headlight is.

Just get one from a scrap yard to replace the broken one?

Also, that's not a clio 172.

Bertie Smalls Junior

ClioSport Club Member
Dual optics are good with HIDs but sadly with the new rules it’s an MOT fail. Easy enough swap but IMPOSSIBLE to post them without them breaking.

(Dual optics weren’t just for V6’s, they were standard on 172s and optional for normal clios)