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clio 1.6

  1. N

    K4M RS Intake straight fit?

    Yo guys I got my hands on a Twingo RS intake manifold. Would like to know if it is a straight fit on a normal K4M that comes out in the Clios. Thanks
  2. S

    K4M project daily

    Hello everyone, new guy in the forum and to the clio scene coming from croatia. I own a ph1 clio k4m 1.6 16v dynamic, completley stock except oz superturismo 16" wheels that i got with the car when i bought it. The car looks stupid with stock suspension and those rims and also it is very soft...
  3. K

    Renault Clio RSi 1.6 16v Ph1 OEM+ Restoration

    After 2 years with my first car 1.2 8V ph2 clio, i decided it was time to upgrade. ( So i bought a ph1 clio RSi 1.6 16v pearl black , pretty rare here in Portugal, and this one specially because it's all stock. One day...
  4. B

    Clio 1.6 vvt gt exhaust help

    Hi guys, I’m going to buy a 1.6 Clio vvt gt as my first car and am just wondering what I can do to make the exhaust louder. I’ve seen there aren’t really any exhausts available and the only way I have seen to make it louder is a “silencer removal”. I’m not too sure how I would go about doing...
  5. T

    Replacing a 2003 Clio's clock/radio display with something custom

    Hi everyone, First of all, I'm new to the forums so I don't know if this is the place I need to be, so forgive me if I'm in the wrong place. Now for a little bit of backstory. I'm currently driving a 2003 Renault Clio II Dynamique as my first car (I own it for 5 months now I think). Everything...
  6. C

    Maybe new Exhaust, can someone help me?

    Hello Dear Clio lovers! I'am new at this forum and i want some help and tips from you guys what i can do! :) My car: Renault Clio 2 - 1.6 8V 66KW(90PK/HP) I have googled some exhausts, but i see only for 16V engines and this exhausts: 1. BackBox Cherry bomb exhaust 2. Novus exhaust Is there a...
  7. Barretted

    Turbo 1.6?

    Hi there guys, haven't really ever posted on here besides when something goes wrong with my Clio (which is most of the time) but I'd like to see what a few of you think about my idea of installing a Turbo Kit to my 1.6 K4M Clio. Of course the first thought is "Don't bother just buy a 1*2!" and...