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Turbo 1.6?

  1.6 Clio Dynamique
Hi there guys, haven't really ever posted on here besides when something goes wrong with my Clio (which is most of the time) but I'd like to see what a few of you think about my idea of installing a Turbo Kit to my 1.6 K4M Clio.

Of course the first thought is "Don't bother just buy a 1*2!" and while I'd love a 172/182, I think it'd be quite awesome to have a 1.6 Turbo Clio as they're quite unsuspecting. Most people see non-sports and think they're slow, where as a MK2 Clio with a GT25/GT28 setup would probably catch a few people by surprise.

Now as far as I know the only place that supplies a plug 'n' play Turbo Kit are TRW Performance. They supply the "TRW170 Kit" which comes with most of the needed components to do a full turbo setup for the K4M. (Click here for a link to the product on TRW Performance)

I'm not entirely sure how the K4M internals would handle around 0.5bar of boost, neither do I know if the driveshafts & gearbox will be good.

Let me know if any of you have ever considered this option if you ever had a 1.6, or if you have any information about it I'd greatly appreciate it!
  1.6 Clio Dynamique
Can't afford insurance on a 1*2 for atleast another year or so, this is why the Turbo idea has sprung to mind :')
  1.6 Clio Dynamique
As far as the insurance company are concerned it's a stock 1.6, and I intend to keep it that way o_o
  Clio 220 Trophy 1051
turboing it will make it even more unreliable.
wait a year and buy a 200 edc, if by some chance you dont think its quick enough, remap it, then it will be.