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clio 197

  1. D

    Yellow Seatbelt Change for Clio 197

    Hi there, I’ve recently just bought myself a Monaco blue Clio RS197 and I’m planning on having yellow as an accent colour. Does anyone know where I can get yellow seatbelts for the front and rear so I can fit them myself or a shop that can swap them out for me?
  2. A

    What’s size of Clio 197 F1 team stickers

    Hello All, how are u ? I will ask a question. I bought a Clio 197 rs and I live in Turkey. I will made a F1 team stickers but I dont’t know these size. I need 2 door , front and rear bumber sticker size. Could anyone help me about it ? Thx.
  3. J

    ESP/ABS Fault on 197 Cup

    Morning all, I have been battling with an intermittent fault on my 197 to do with ABS/ESP for a while now and was wondering whether anyone has experienced/found a solution. The car is pulling the DF126 fault code - "Control Panel Sensor Information Plausibility". 2 things occur when driving...
  4. boultonn

    197 at Royal Pavilion Aldershot

    Never seen any RenaultSports at work til today, anyone?
  5. R

    Clio 197 Seized Engine, how much to sell for?

    Hi, I have a clio 197 08 plate that I have had from new. A couple of months back I had the car serviced at my local garage, all seemed fine. Last week on my motoway run home from work the engine cut out and would not restart. I had the car recovered to my place to try and find out what could...
  6. A

    Need your thoughts... Clio 197 down on power

    I have a 2006 Clio 197, completely standard. So I was driving home from work the other day and noticed when I put my foot down not a great deal happened. The engine was up to temperature, yet still sounded like it does when cold, and felt similar in terms of power too. The most worrying thing...
  7. Steve_RS

    197 Lux

    Yo, I was going to stick these in the 'What have you done to your car today?' topic but I thought I'd whore a full new topic instead. Gave the 197 some TLC this morning, fitted new TRW droplinks, replaced the aerial for a stubby alternative (thanks for the support @Typhoon & @james24785 ), also...
  8. Steve_RS

    GW 197 Lux

    Hi all, Few years back I had a 172 Cup which due to reliability issues had to replace with something newer, reliable and slower to get me to work, which ended up being an Ibiza. It did its job but I got incredibly bored and had an itch that needed scratching, so impulsively decided I was going...
  9. M

    Clio 197, Belts done, Just Serviced £4250

    I've wrote an advert on PH If anyone wants more photos or info, give me a call or drop me a PM. Happy to let it go for 4K to anyone on here...
  10. Gingerbeanwill

    197 Remaps down south please? (not ktec)

    As the title above says, i need a remap for my 197 preferably some where fairly close. roughly south london area-ish, will travel somewhere just not the length of Britain. It has a milltek cat back exhaust and decat pipe, but still has precat, also has induction kit but no idea what make it was...
  11. welshname

    Welshname's Deep Black 197

    So as some of you know I've been looking for a 197 for a while. As much as I loved the monaco the time had come where I had to draw the line with spending any more money on it. So...The replacement is a deep black 197. Spec: Xenons Cornering Lights Climate Control Cup Spoiler 19mm Spacers...