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clio mk2

  1. J

    Running Lights Trigger Brake Lights

    2005 MK2 Extreme. When running lights / dipped beams are on, brake lights are also on which I don't think will pass MOT and isn't safe. It used to be the intermittent disco lights as shown in video but that's been sorted, they now stay on fully when not supposed to! And when braking, the...
  2. C

    Clio 1.5 dci non start df127 2000bar fuel rail

    Okay guys, car cut down on the motorway not starting since. So far CLIP showed df127 supply voltage sensor, fault is stored. And it measured 2000bar in fuel rail. So far 4 injectors were replaced. Egr valve, ecu. Im desperate for solution, if anyone has any idea, please share it with me. Thanks...
  3. C

    Clio mk2 2004 1.5 dci, problems with 3rd brake light

    Hello guys, so basiclly my 3rd brake led lights loses it's power. I took it out looked at both switches on the light and from the car, seems ok. Lights starts working when i press brake, but they stop working 2,3 seconds after that, sometimes they stay longer. Im really hopeless right now since...
  4. A

    Buying new head unit

    Hi I’m wanting to buy a new head unit so I can fit a sub in my clio mk2 2007 , I understand that to fit a new head unit in there needs to be some kind of connector to the old wires , do I need to but that seperately or does that come standard with a new head unit ? Also what is a decent head...
  5. ClioDude55

    Clio mk2 lowering wheels

    Hello, Im gonna lower my clio mk2 and was thinking about 15 inch wheels. Anyone have pictures of how it looks? Or any other inch wheel if it would fit better :)
  6. L99LDO

    My Royal Blue Clio Project

    So, two years after getting the Clio for my 17th birthday, quite a lot has changed. I'll do my best to post pictures as I go. But for now, ill only be covering the basics of what I have been up to. I only have one picture of my car before it was in my possession, so enjoy it! I also want to say...
  7. Une_Baguette

    My first car! Clio 1.2

    Hello! Been on this forum for a while now just browsing other peoples projects and I thought I may as well start my own thread to keep track of my own progress as I go along! (Sorry for the long post by the way) Back in January 2016 I bought I my first car the cheap and cheerful Clio MK2 1.2 8V...
  8. T

    Anyone know what Clio bumper this is?

    Anyone able to tell me what the bumper is on the Clio in this picture? Thanks in advance
  9. Kevclio

    Another silver ph1

    Been a member about 12 weeks now but failed to make a post yet! Bought my ph1 around November time for some cheap track fun. It's pretty rough around the edges with a weeks mot left I got it very cheap, 99k on the clock with some history! MOT was done first, followed by belts and pulleys...
  10. C

    Mk2 Ph1 tail lights on a Mk2 ph2?

    Hi guys, I was going to get a Clio mk3 due to better safety but decided that the mk2 is my true clio love lol. :hearteyes: The mk3 is somehow more boring looking. Back in high school I fell in love with a purple-blue (nymphea) Clio mk2 ph1. I didn't like the ph2 triangle front lights and rear...