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clio rs

  1. O

    Recommendations for dry fast road tyres?

    I have a 182 ff and I was wondering what you lot think is a good tyre? i'm looking at 195/45/r16 I have seen that the avon zv7 is quite liked but is it grippy in the dry? my thinking is that because it lasts a long time the rubber is harder which sacrifices grip? I know the pilotsport 3 are...
  2. A

    Clio 172 ph1 rs - Wheel and Tire Moditification ( O.Z. Formula 15"4x100 ET35 )

    Hello All, I have a Clio 172 ph1 rs . I wanna change my wheels and i found O.Z. formula. But this wheel's ET value different my original clio rs wheel. Original 15" rs wheel's ET value 45. if i make this modification , Will I have any problems with ET value? by the way new O.Z. wheel's ET value...
  3. UrbanD

    Titanium 182 and EVO 8

    Hi everyone, so after owning a Flame Red 172 for 4 years and then a black R27 for 2 years, I built myself an EVO 8 with EVO 9 look. It was and still is my dream car. But the more I remembered my previous two cars, the more I wanted one again. These little pocket rockets are so fun to drive. I...
  4. A

    Silverstone GP ft Recaro Goodness!

    Haven't come on here alot but had the car nearly 9 months now and taken a few photos along the way... Things got really sexy last month when I picked up a lovely set of Recaro's to replace my slightly worn Yellow dots :D The Clio is great now it has leather Recaro's, something they...
  5. Brushwood69

    Southdown Stages 2017 in the Clio R3

    A quick report on the Southdowns stages rally 2017 at the famous Goodwood motor racing circuit. A drive up to Chichester on Friday to be ready for a very early start on Saturday morning. The weather forecast looked cold and variable and as it turned out this was not to far off! The temperature...
  6. CorteZ_CTZ

    My new Clio RS 182 Trackday

    Hello Guys, Happy to be here , i am fresh owner of a 2004 Clio RS 182 with some mods. The car i bought it from England ,but it will be shipped to my home country in Romania ,where i will do the conversion from RHD to LHD. If you have any suggestions for continuing the mods ,i am glad to hear...
  7. skopusnik

    Clio IV Grandtour R.S.

    Hi guys :) I just wants to share our project - Clio IV Grandtour R.S. Unfortunately I don't have a lot WIP pics, so here is the final product; Last weekend, I attend a Hill Climb race Gorjanci (Slovenia) as "Safety Car" (few cars goes through track before first race cars). Here are some...