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Titanium 182 and EVO 8


ClioSport Club Member
  220 Trophy, EVO 8
Hi everyone,

so after owning a Flame Red 172 for 4 years and then a black R27 for 2 years, I built myself an EVO 8 with EVO 9 look.
It was and still is my dream car.
But the more I remembered my previous two cars, the more I wanted one again. These little pocket rockets are so fun to drive.
I eventually found a well preserved Titanium 182 with only 90.000 km on the clock.

I've already done some basic mods, that I think every Clio RS should have:

- rear Whiteline ARB
- front OMP strut bar
- K&N panel filter
- 182 cup springs
- HEL braided brake lines and RBF 600 fluid
- new ATE discs and pads all around except I put DS2500 pads on front
- Fastchip remap
- Milltek catback exhaust
- new tyres Continental Sport Contact 3
- Eibach camber bolts (running -1.5 degree)
- DP automotive short shiter and stiff shifter 3.0
- some random gear knob from demon tweeks

With these mods, the car really drives superb!

I did manage to get my hands on a 182 cup spoiler. It is yet to be painted, as I got it in blue. Thanks @H2MRK again!

The car needed a good wash as it was not used very often for the past few years. I also installed new dogbone mount and rear licence plate light.

So, here are some photos of both my cars. Let the pictures speak for themselves. I will add a few more of the interior etc. a bit later.


I do plan on running the Clio on trackdays too, as it is more cheap than my EVO :D

Coops Mk1

ClioSport Club Member
  Lots of Scrap...
saw a ratty evo 4 tonight actually, blowing oil all over the place, was still absolutely awesome, had a try at playing in my crap old saab but he still naffed off!lol!