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  1. F

    182182 miles clio RS 182

    today i got my little 182 at exactly 182182 miles and I was quite proud of it! Original engine as well I wanna see your mileage too!
  2. 1

    Renault Clio 172 (no air con) belt replacement

    Good afternoon, Long story very short, I was replacing my Clio 172 (non air con, non cup) alternator and belt, and I have managed to lose the bottom bolt(s) connecting the alternator to the engine. aka 'Renault Clio Sport MK2 2001-2006 172 182 Alternator Mount Engine Bracket'. I found this...
  3. G

    Need some help diagnosing

    Hi guys, I’m based in Australia and got myself an rs 172 about a year ago. It had had a couple of owners and service history showed a water pump change, accessory belt change and a few bits and pieces. I drove her for about 10,000 km but nothing in anger. I became worried about the unknown...
  4. blito2790

    Gearbox for 172 Ph1

    Hello everyone, will you help me get a good configuration for my gearbox, since I feel the fourth speed is very long, yesterday testing the car gets very slow in 4th to 6000 rpm goes to 135mph and is moving very slow, which Would you recommend changing, the final drive, or the gearbox? my car is...
  5. K

    First modifications: clio 172 ph2 - help!!

    So, recently picked up my first car - a ph2 172, looking for small modifications that can start to be done to it. Currently on the search for new alloys, possibly speedline 2118’s or turinis. Wind deflectors are fitted and window and light tints are in process now. Not looking to spend a...