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coilover set up

  1. Robproof

    Roll centre and coil over

    Probably looking at things due to a bit more time not playing on the track, but my Clio is running in Cup shocks and Cook sport Springs. I only really use it for track days (and driving to the track). Car seems to handle well, but you can always make it better right? wondering if there was a...
  2. JKeillor94

    Coilovers - Lower the rear

    Right, i want the rear to sit lower, its winding me up seeing it still so high! Currently sitting on AP Coilovers, maxed out on its lowest, rear adjusters are out too! How can i get it lower?!!! Is there somewhere i can send the rear springs to have them compressed more or something? 🤔 HELP...
  3. B

    Ktr coilovers 182

    Hi guys Does anyone know how high I should have my Ktr set to? It would be great if someone could tell me the hight from the centre of the wheel cap to the top of the wheel arch. I’m running 15” wheels if that helps. Thank you
  4. A

    Budget Builds???

    I'm new to the clio 182, I need some assistance to get the best performance for track and road use? Can I get some advise please?
  5. JB21

    Setting up coilover ride height?

    So got hold of a second hand set of ASTs and want them set up best I can for track. I'll be getting the car corner weighted eventually once I've finished weight reduction. So much contradictory advice online, some say use the wheel centre to arch, whereas others say this is a no no and it...