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  1. JToroPaz

    Scorpion Decat Pipe Dimensions

    Quick question someone might be able to answer, I need to know the length of the mk2 clio Scorpion decat pipe, I can’t find the info on here or anywhere online Can anyone help us out? That’s the part to...
  2. L

    Exhaust too loud!

    Hi, looking for some advice and possibly exhausts for sale. I've just bought a clio 182 with a scorpion single silencer non resonated exhaust, also with a decat and it's well too loud, deafening. So considering my options -adding in a silencer on the straight part of the pipe and / or replacing...
  3. Manny182

    Arctic Blue Clio 182 Project

    I purchased my Clio 182 for £1100 back in November and it's safe to say I've been in love with her ever since. At the time, I said to myself I'll keep the car past the summer and look to move on afterwards, but who was I kidding... Even though I haven't done any work on it or spent anything on...
  4. A

    Decatted but needs MOT

    Hello guys, I have recently bought a 172 sport cup and it has a toyo stainless manifold 4-2-1 which runs straight to a 3” power flow system that goes to a small rear silencer and exits the car. It also has no 02 sensor so the engine warning light appears on the dash I am wondering what people...
  5. C

    Clio mk2 1.2 16v Decat issue

    Got a 1.2 16v 2005 clio as a project and iv decided to decat it. Iv removed the cat smashed the insides out and welded a pipe inside. On idle after a while it will start to idle bad to the point it wants to cut out. I removed both 02 sensors and it idle better for longer but eventuall it...
  6. Carlos_2017

    Exhaust hanging kinda low in the centre section

    Hiya lads/ladies, I’ve noticed a ‘sag’ in my exhaust around the centre section. It’s a Ph2 172, with the standard manifold, Ktec Decat pipe and ktec super sport stealth system. I changed the manifold fitting Kit upon installing decat, I am yet to change the exhaust mounts/hangers but wondered...
  7. Carlos_2017

    172 decat pipe

    Hiya lads/ladies, Any suggestions on how to get to the spring bolts from the manifold to the cat? I have very limited space and no access to ramps :( I can just about get to them, but it’s a right ball ache! Any help will be greatly appreciated! Cheers Guys!
  8. Carlos_2017


    Hi everyone, Only me again, with the simple questions. Will I need to change my manifold on my 172 in order to decat? I mean, I have a decat pipe and recently ordered a stealth system, but have no idea whether everything will match up Cheers, Carlos.
  9. G

    172 Cup cold start issue.

    So I picked up a 172 cup to be used as a track / weekend fun car. It runs great except right after a cold start it takes a couple of minutes before it's driveable as it stutters a lot when it's cold. It does have a decatted exhaust which I think may be part of the issue, is there any way to...
  10. P

    scorpion exhaust and decat pipe problem

    I have just put my new decat pipe and SRN019 exhaust on and it sounds as if there is a blow somewhere when I go to out my foot down like coming from the middle ..... Is this just it needs running in or is something loose ? What am I missing any help ? Cheers
  11. A

    Renault Clio 182 2004, very rich idle problems only, LIVE DATA ADVICE NEEDED

    Hi Folks, newbie here. Somebody out there must be able to answer this question. I have a very rich - poor idling Renault Clio 182. Everything else apart form this, is absolutely spot on. well - from what i can tell anyway. I am wondering if anybody out there can answer some live data...
  12. Euan94

    To Decat Or Not... Clio 200

    So I've got a bit of a dilemma at the moment, over whether I should decat the Clio or not. I have had a decat manifold fitted so that with the Akrapovic means the cars fairly loud, and I'm not sure how much louder I would like it to be really, but the car makes a fair amount of pops and bangs...
  13. CDES

    172 Manifold

    Looking at getting a de-cat system set up on my 172 Clio, how do I tell there difference between a 172 and a 182 manifold? Seems difficult to track down a decent priced 172 de-cat pipe but loads of 182 de-cats on ebay etc? So I'm hoping mines has a 182 manifold on it already.
  14. B

    Designed/ made my own Decat

    Hi Guys, I started looking for a decat a while ago, mostly as i wanted a little more noise from my 182. I found that most of the decats on the market seem to be a constant diameter with a large step at one end or the other. My reckoning is that this is going to disturb the flow though the...