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  1. P

    Potential VVT solenoid issue resistance. Read the post

    Hi i recently had an issue with my 182 completely dead and refusing to start with some knocking in the head. My hydraulic lifters were dead. Long story short I replaced all of the hydraulic lifters and cam followers just for good measure. The camshaft was still in good condition and everything...
  2. F

    Dephaser pulley on the way out ?

    Idk i think it might be on the way out, car was nice and warm, just after a bit of a hoon this afternoon, i think it starts to sound a bit diesel'ish, i mean what do you think ? Dephasing still works fine tho, still get the kick @5000rpm and timed at 6.6 sec gps 0-60 so it still performs good.
  3. B

    Getting belts done in Gloucestershire - Recommendations?

    It's that time. 04 plate 182. Looking for good place to get both belts and dephaser / water pump all done. I'm just north of Cheltenham and obviously keen to go somewhere that does it right. All help appreciated
  4. M

    Cambelt- Dephaser/water pump too? 182

    Hey everyone, So in June my cam belt will be due again. The car has done just over 73k and is a 55 plate. The big question is do I also change the de-phaser and/or water pump at the same time as I have no evidence of these being changed in the cars life time. I'm pretty much decided on going...
  5. A

    Need your thoughts... Clio 197 down on power

    I have a 2006 Clio 197, completely standard. So I was driving home from work the other day and noticed when I put my foot down not a great deal happened. The engine was up to temperature, yet still sounded like it does when cold, and felt similar in terms of power too. The most worrying thing...
  6. R

    Engine makes rattling/tapping noise

    Hi guys, So i just bought myself a clio 172 2002. On first inspection it sounded smooth, bodywork is mint and got at a great price '£900'. Having ran it a few days, when the engine warms up it sounds like a tractor. You can hear it in the car and stood next to it. This only happens under 2500...
  7. H

    Is this garage having my pants down?

    Hi all, Just bought my first clio182 last week, so I'm new to the forum. I bought the car without it ever having a cam belt change and at 59,000 miles I decided to get it booked in ASAP. I put it in the garage on the 25th for what I was told was going to be a one day job. I was quoted £469...