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  1. W

    No drive in clio 182

    Was driving my clio 182 yesterday and decided to do a little pull. held in first then planted the throttle, before i got a chance to even think about second gear i heard a bang. i think it was caused by it being wet and TC kicked in. car goes into all gears but has no drive at all. when being...
  2. Green51

    Seeking Driveshaft Leak Advice

    Noticed a build up/splatter gearbox side of my passenger driveshaft. Can't see any tears in the boot and it seems to coming out the side, down the shaft while splattering on the steering rack and frame. (Wheels at full lock to the right when image taken). Metal clip isn't loose, can rotate it...
  3. ldubl

    J&R Driveshafts * Don't do it! *

    I read some reviews on here saying they were fine, their ebay listings have 100% positive feedback and time was running out, so I decided to replace both original shafts with J&R ones whilst fitting a refurbished gearbox from @NorthloopCup , Renault clutch, PMS lightened flywheel (same one...
  4. M

    Steering wont return to centre, sometimes jolts to the right

    Hi all, I Recently purchased a clio 182 FF, it has the cup shocks and is on eibach springs, ive just today got the tracking done and it’s near enough perfect. When I am on full lock (any speed) the steering won’t return to the centre without me starting it off, around half lock it picks up and...
  5. MaxB

    1.2 16v no drive in any gears

    Drove my Clio to work earlier and parked it up outside. Got back in it after finishing work and noticed a strange clonking noise coming from the engine bay. Checked it out but couldn't see anything so decided to drive home carefully. I put it in gear and went to move forwards to find that I...
  6. HappySquidTom

    Squeak: NSF outer CV?

    Hi all, My 182 has developed a squeak from the front left when turning hard to the right (leaving parking spaces etc). There is also sometimes some shuddering from the front end during these same manoeuvres, although I had previously thought this might be down to crap tyres. At recent MOT the...
  7. Raceface_13

    Driveshaft balancer? Ktec

    Hey guys, So i ordered a passanger sode driveshaft from ktec last night, just had a phone call and was told that renault make them differently now and the balancer will need cutting off and moving. Has anyone else done/had this? Bit unsure what it is/to do. Being as its called a balancer in...
  8. JKC172

    Random oil on hub and wheel

    I recently changed my OS front hub, bottom ball joint and driveshaft on my 172. Both hub and driveshaft were second hand. The ball joint was new. The driveshaft was in really good conditions and not apparent leaks from any of the boots etc. The hub was a little dirty/rusty.. but cleaned up okay...
  9. L

    Driveshaft issue - Please help

    Been trying to remove the right side driveshaft from my 172, and im at the stage of literally pulling the shaft from the gearbox. Problems are that it doesn't seem to be as easy a job as i had researched. I understand that the shaft runs through a bracket which houses the bearing, so does...