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Random oil on hub and wheel

  Clio 172
I recently changed my OS front hub, bottom ball joint and driveshaft on my 172. Both hub and driveshaft were second hand. The ball joint was new. The driveshaft was in really good conditions and not apparent leaks from any of the boots etc. The hub was a little dirty/rusty.. but cleaned up okay. Anyway. After fitting them I noticed a slight whirring from the front of the car. I presumed it was the wheel bearing that had seen better days. However last week I no CV boot on the driveshaft as it looked similar to the inner CV boot failure oil that got chucked all over the car originally. To my surprise the CV has no splits in it and has no evidence of oil leaking from it at all.
So my question is.. could it be from the wheel bearing failing or more likely to be the CV on the driveshaft randomly spewing its guts or something else? I'm tempted to strip the hub and driveshaft down to see whats going on.. but if its a wheel bearing etc I'll just chuck it into a garage and get them to change it. Help.
  172 cup
Jack it up and roll the wheel an listen for any strange noises, grab the top and bottom of the wheel and jigge it to see if there is play in the bearing? That should really show any faults with the bearing