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engine noise

  1. D

    Clio 182 Engine Rattle.

    My 182 has developed a lightish rattle high up in the engine, so it's engine out and I have started to dismantle it to see what's going on. I shall update when I find a problem.
  2. N

    Start up noise

    Had this noise today for couple of mins on start up any ideas?
  3. C

    Clio 1.6 weird engine noise

    Hi, I recently started hearing this grinding like noise from my engine bay, near the alternator. It starts getting louder as the car warms up and you don't hear it pretty much at all when the car is cold, only when it gets up to temp. Does anyone have an idea of what this could be? Thanks for...
  4. J

    Engine problems

    hi guys need some help pretty please I have a 2010 rs 200vvt , on my way home from work the engine oil top up light came on. a mile or so later my engine started knocking, pulled over and no oil in engine ( got recoverd ) , I think big/small end has gone or rods, can I rebuild the engine or is...
  5. Carlos_2017

    Squeaking/squealing when turning engine off?

    Hi guys, Recently when I turn the engine off, I get a squeak (only way I can describe it lol) whilst engine is shutting down :/ Probably nothing serious, just caused some concern. If anyone has any idea what it might be, that'd be really helpful! :) Thanks in advance!
  6. K

    Engine noise NOT Dephaser

    Alright, I need some help people! Searched al over and can see one thread that is anythin like this, but can't find the answer! I have a 2005 182 ff and had the dephaser and all belts, pulleys etc changed last sept, the car now has 93000 on the clock and has developed at tapping noise! When the...
  7. R

    Engine makes rattling/tapping noise

    Hi guys, So i just bought myself a clio 172 2002. On first inspection it sounded smooth, bodywork is mint and got at a great price '£900'. Having ran it a few days, when the engine warms up it sounds like a tractor. You can hear it in the car and stood next to it. This only happens under 2500...
  8. Blerg

    Clio M4R engine noise

    Strange one. So my brothers got a 197. He bought it from a dealer without me taking a look witg him, he's kind of a spare of the moment guy. The deal was they done a cambelt and water pump, I know it's been done as the parts are in the boot. Any way it makes this noise once warm if not driven...