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engine swap

  1. G

    Renault Wind - Engine swap to F4Rt

    Hello there, After driving my Wind 1.2 TCe for a while now, I started to think about a possible engine swap. The engine is starting to get old, so instead of a new 1.2, why not a bigger one... Two options: 1.6 TCe or 2.0 TCe. The Wind comes stock with a 1.6 non turbo, so fitting the 1.6 TCe...
  2. K

    Clio mk1 1.8 16v f4r swap from clio 172 ph1

    Hi all, I am swapping engine in my clio mk1, I have a whole car clio 172 that is still moving. I think it's a good time to connect the clocks and the rest of the interior to the clio 172 loom, but i can't find good pinout for my cars. I know many of you have done this, Could someone help me how...
  3. B

    MK3 Clio 1.2 16V swap to 1.2 TCe?

    Hi guys, I’ve recently drowned my D4F 1.2 16V on my Clio and I need a new engine, so I thought, why not put the 1.2 TCe there? Is here anyone who did such a thing? How about the wiring, clutch, mountings or gearbox, will they all fit? Thanks guys. 🖤
  4. D

    Engine swap

    Hi, my 1.2 engine in my mk 3 went last week, timing belt snapped and bent all 16 valves, I’ve just bought another mk3 1.2 engine with the same engine code as the one that went, Will this just be plug and play, or will I need the ecu to go with it?
  5. J

    Engine problems

    hi guys need some help pretty please I have a 2010 rs 200vvt , on my way home from work the engine oil top up light came on. a mile or so later my engine started knocking, pulled over and no oil in engine ( got recoverd ) , I think big/small end has gone or rods, can I rebuild the engine or is...
  6. T

    Mk1 engine swap

    Hey there, I've got a 1.4 currently and I want to upgrade it to a bigger sized engine ( with eventually a supercharger ). I have seen some people talking about a megane or clio 1.8 but i never found someone that actually swapped it. Anyone with experience or advice? Thanks, tom
  7. D

    Straight engine swap Clio mk3 1.6

    I've got a Clio mk3 1.6 with a goosed engine, I can get hold of another one for it so would it be a straight swap with no problems? I've done this on a mk2 1.2, straight swap, changed ecu over and it was good to go. Can this be done with the mk3, any one done this already? And advice is much...