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  1. K

    Volvo alternator bracket

    Hello everyone! Im building my trackdaycar. And i have removed the epas and aircon. Now i want to use the volvo alternator brackets and laguna brackets. But i cant seem to find them somewhere. Does somebody here have part numbers for it? Would really help me out
  2. reza

    EPAS help

    Hi sorry if this has been asked before but I can't seem to find any info I'm getting the bits together for a epas conversion. What's the difference between the dci rack part no. tel:7700437055 And tel:7700437054 Or can I use ether??
  3. robbie1988

    Robs Inferno 182 Cup.....

    Well I am back again with another Clio. Bought it in February and it has had a good history on with Inferno being the first owner then Daniel before Jenic got it. It came to me with 84k miles on the clock and all the bills and receipts for its life on the road. This is my fifth...
  4. CorteZ_CTZ

    EPAS or Hydraulic steering

    Hello Guys, I just bought my first Clio 182 from UK so is RHD ,i will do a LHD conversion (i live in Romania, the car will be used here) and i was wondering if to make a EPAS conversion or fitting the hydraulic steering. I am worried about the lack of feeling from EPAS. I would appreaciate...
  5. Cup_Phil

    EPAS on 172 Cup

    I got an MOT advisory on the track car for slight play on inner tie rod. Kinda expected as they have done 118k I could get them both replaced at BTM same time as I get cambelt done (end of summer) but I had a thought Looking through BIGASH's build thread I really want to swap my PAS rack...