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  182 Cup & DCi 172
Well I am back again with another Clio.

Bought it in February and it has had a good history on with Inferno being the first owner then Daniel before Jenic got it.

It came to me with 84k miles on the clock and all the bills and receipts for its life on the road.
This is my fifth Clio Sport so new exactly what I was after and this fitted the bill perfectly.

Day I picked it up in Hull along with my Fiance's RS133:



Unfortunately someone didn't see me when they were pulling from a T junction and smashed into the passenger side quarter, it is currently going through insurance but is going to be a Cat C writeoff.

Since then my brother Matthew (@matty1995) has helped me get it sorted since I am keeping it and we have replaced the following:

- Pretensioners replaced
- Airbag module replaced
- Rear axle replaced
- All dampers replaced (cup dampers)
- Springs replaced (Eibach sportlines)
- Track rod ends



When doing the suspension found one of the front springs was interesting to put it mildly - not sure off when I bought it or the accident:



Some pics off when it first went back on the road, the Trophy is my brothers:




On a spirited drive after Buttertubs I somehow managed to land with a bump and smashed the genuine Cup splitter, gutted!



Upto now the mods haven't gone mad but to date are:

- Home made black xenons
- LED bulbs all round
- New style RS badge
- Black mirrors
- Black diamonds
- Dewipered with carbon blank
- C3 washer jets
- Black interior plastics with orange detailing
- Phase 1 airbox with ITG element
- Ktec Ultra decat
- Ktec Ultra non resonated centre section to go with the catback the car came with
- Calipers painted orange
- Fabia splitter
- Vibratechnics upper engine mount

I did buy some pro race 1.2 to go on but decided to go a different route

Also decided to paint up the engine to tart the engine bay up:



Some random pics now:

















Our current lineup:

  182 Cup & DCi 172
So since the sun was out this weekend the Clio and Twingo got cleaned yesterday.

Today I decided to get my replacement door fitted. This came from a full fat so no cup badge, I did get replacements sorted from @Darren61 so once quarter panel is repaired and painted I will get these new badges on.

Also fitted new bumpstrips along with smooth colour coded bullets.




Starting to get there now so just waiting for my cheque for the rest.
  182 Cup & DCi 172
Well another trip away with the Beany and tackled some cracking roads around Northumberland and the Scottish Borders.

Car once again faultless after a lot of abuse but the brakes were squealing now and again. So once back I have got some new Brembo discs and pads (will change to DS2500 when I eventually decide to track it). Also RBF600 brake fluid refreshed.






Got Powerflex bushes on their way as well for the dogbone, rear axle and struts so should all help to improve the response.
  182 Cup & DCi 172
Fresh back off holiday and had a new pollen filter and got a Ktec Racing black induction kit.





Ktec on....


Loving the rasp of the induction kit

You may have noticed the fuel rail guard is black now, I am trying some leftover paint off my Impreza and quite like it so doing inlets like that now.



ClioSport Club Member
Great line up of toys there mate, I'm a big fan of imprezas.
Remap and cams to go with the induction an decat on the inferno?
  182 Cup & DCi 172
Great line up of toys there mate, I'm a big fan of imprezas.
Remap and cams to go with the induction an decat on the inferno?

The Impreza is actually going to be sold or broken for parts in the next few weeks as having a Clio again has rendered it an ornament haha.

I love it and it is an absolute beast but going to get the Clio all sorted and eventually will be going turbo so just doing cheap mods engine wise so won't have to undo the work.


ClioSport Club Member
Looks immaculate outside the garage. Too good for breaking surely??
I'm new to Clio's and I sold a big power turbo car to go down this route also. Surprising how many people I've spoken to on here have done it. Definitely something about these little French motors!
  182 Cup & DCi 172
Looks immaculate outside the garage. Too good for breaking surely??
I'm new to Clio's and I sold a big power turbo car to go down this route also. Surprising how many people I've spoken to on here have done it. Definitely something about these little French motors!

Will do a proper for sale advert but looks like a breaker would be better financially. It's been here nearly 3 years and had endless fun but it's tine to move on now.
  182 Cup & DCi 172
Lots have changed bar the Beany Cup haha.

The Impreza I wasn't using so have broken for parts. Also have a black DCi 172 replica for a cheap daily/doggy car (have a build thread for this on here as well).

With my interest in the Inferno falling I decided it needed some love....

New wheels first up - Pro Race 3 gloss black in 15" with Hankook Evo Ventus V12 tyres which are superb.....





Got a stud conversion on order so will fit that when it comes. Also will be beasting up the front brakes as well ready for when power upgrades come.
Passenger side quarter is still pushed in but hoping to get round to that now I am getting my interest back in the car.

Also the black xenons on the DCi are in better condition than my home made black xenons so these will be getting swapped over.
  182 Cup & DCi 172
To match the wheels up I redid the bullets pearl black the same as the mirrors and also colour coded the boot release push button.....




The love is definitely coming back for this awesome motor haha
  182 Cup & DCi 172
Got my stud conversion fitted up so wheel changes are alot easier haha

Also the brembo calipers are here and have started on them. They are all stripped and have been mocked up on the car and fit snugly under the new 15's.

Will be getting the required 5mm machined off then my mate is shot blasting and powder coating them before I will rebuild them with all new seals and stainless bleed nipples.







  182 Cup & DCi 172
I have more Powerflex bushes on the way - Front ARB inner and outer bushes. Still need to sort my shelf full of other bushes haha.

Also just got my 10mm 1.5 degree camber shims for rear hubs from MAD so these will need to go on as well.

The brakes I am making good progress on.....

- DIY shot blasted
- Fully cleaned out
- Painted in proper orange caliper paint
- Stainless bleed nipples
- Braketech seals and dust covers

Just waiting for stickers and the proper Pro-Line link pipes and they are going on.

Pads are my new DS2500 I just had delivered.





Quite happy with how these are coming along!
  182 Cup & DCi 172
Brembo conversion all finished.......




Also got the 1.5 degree 10mm rear spacers fitted......




All finished and tested......





Next mod to go on when I sort cruise control/horn button setup......


Also have Powerflex front camber bolts on the way so can get them on and setup as well.
  182 Cup & DCi 172
Well some good news - finally had my payout for the car after the accident so its off to the bodyshop next week!

Quarter panel repair is being done as well as front bumper getting the cup racer ducts blended back in and washer blanks removed.

Spent quite a lot of time sorting my garages out so have one as a workshop and one I can keep and polish the Clio in:


In preparation for this I have made some new black bullets as the first ones had some reaction which caused them to look tatty. Also painted the front plastics and rear bumper insert in gloss black. I picked up a third set of xenons so swapped the clean ones off the dci on to the Inferno and used the new xenons I found to replace them on the DCi. My DIY ones are now spares in the garage.






Coops Mk1

ClioSport Club Member
  Lots of Scrap...
tidy! loving the calipers etc, and when she goes boosted she'll be perfect...........perhaps a quaife diff too whilst your at it ;-)
  182 Cup & DCi 172
Great stuff matey. Do you want to meet us outside before going in? Keeps us together.

Yeah can do, where and when? Will message you my number as well. Cheers

tidy! loving the calipers etc, and when she goes boosted she'll be perfect...........perhaps a quaife diff too whilst your at it ;-)

Cheers - it's certainly coming on. Quaife is on my list plus pure Motorsport shifter as well.


ClioSport Club Member
  182 Trophy
Calipers look great , any details on where you got your seals and other parts to refurb the brembos ?