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flame red

  1. JackT2000

    Clio 172 Flame Red Phase 2

    Hello and welcome :) My name is Jack and welcome to my thread about my Renault Clio 172 Phase 2 in Flame red. I have been a user of this website for quite some time now and I have finally decided to make myself a thread. I have had this car since September 2019 and I have been using it daily...
  2. H

    Flame red 172 rarity these days?

    Need some advice about my flame red 172. I bought an Iceberg silver 172 last year planning to use it on track. It's an amazing car, great condition, but it has low mileage 60k and 3 owners, so IMO it too good to be using as a dedicated track car (stripping out etc). I decided to buy another...
  3. Stay Puft

    Standard 172 Flame Red Fareham

    Saw you down by the Turnpike tyre shop, 03 plate. Was weird seeing another on the road!
  4. Luke...

    Flame Red 172 In Asda Waterlooville on Sunday

    As above, was filling up. You drove in then went round and drove straight back out the other entrance, let me a little confused haha
  5. Chrisgti6

    Flame red 172 KW03 X** Junction 28 M1 ON THE PHONE!

    Spotted this morning @ junction 28 of the M1 about 07:45. Talking on the phone on the approach to the roundabout from South Normanton - tut tut tut! Dissapeared off down the A38 towards Sutton-in-ashfield.
  6. a1axx

    a1axx's Flame red Clio 172 ph2 daily/track hack

    Starting a thread of my newly purchased Clio 172! I'm not a new comer to the track scene, I recently decided to break my Peugeot 205 XL track car, a bit of special one, I built a forged TU5j4 with jenveys for her, completely ground up rebuilt the car and perfected the handling over years of...
  7. Gandi69

    Flame red 172 wolverhampton

    On goldthorn hill 20 mins ago or thereabouts
  8. rttam

    rttam's flame red 172 project

    thought id get a project thread going on my new project car :) havnt got many pics as i have misplaced my camera atm but heres a couple to get it going bought it 2 weeks ago its an 04 plate 172 with 57k on the clock overall fairly good but needed a really good clean and polish and lots of little...
  9. Rossabal

    Ross's Ph1 172 - Flame Red

    Well I figured now that Ive taken half decent pictures of the Clio Id introduce myself. The names Ross, I just moved back from Canada where I lived for the last 9 years. Im a huge car enthusiast. And thanks to Fraser.J Ive always had a soft spot for Clios even when I was in Canada. Onto the...
  10. General Dave

    Flame red 172 Waterlooville

    your car looks good with the black oe alloys!! I was in the Monaco 172. Dave.
  11. Geddes

    Flame Red 172 in Gilesgate Durham

    Is this someone on here? seen it a fair few times recently i thought i was the only flamer in this area lol
  12. Gandi69

    Flame red 172 wolverhampton

    Going over goldthorn hill. Turinis or similar wheels, not one of the usual spotted cars around these parts
  13. philxsi

    flame red phase 1 172

    bought this yesterday as a second car and a small running project my plan is to track day it and do sprints in it i want to keep it pretty standard but upgrade things like brake pads and discs, tyres and fit a new steering wheel it seems a tidy car but has a small problem in the fact it doesnt...
  14. Rodg241

    V6 flame red market rasen??

    Just seen this in market rasen think it was a 53 plate 11.50am today
  15. J

    My Flame Red 172

    Hi all, So after having some fun in my Civic MB6, I decided I wanted to be back in a 3 door, proper sporty hot hatch. Seeming as I had bought the other half a focus as a daily toddler taxi, the MB6's size and number of doors was no longer necessary :devil: So a few days ago I traded it for this...
  16. ChrisP_182

    Flame red ph2 172 bubwith

    Spotted it at about 6 o'clock on the main road, see it regularly when I'm walking to work
  17. Gandi69

    Flame red 200T bilston

    By the morrisons about 5:45 pm
  18. B

    Flame red mk2 V6 M2 headed to maidstone - V6 reg

    Was popping out for some lunch this afternoon, around 12:30 and I was headed London bound along the M2. I spotted a grey Evo moving at quite a rate down the outside lane so was sure to stay out of his way, he came past then I heard a very distinct rumble, looked over and spotted a V6 Flame Red...
  19. D

    FFFF Flame red 389bhp

    Unsure why our good friend wilky hasn't posted a photo yet of his phase 1 fully forged flame red clio thats near enough 389bhp but we will. Well done WilkyWay
  20. R

    Flame Red ph1

    Too far away for me, but thought it was worth a mention, apart from the fact he can't take photos for s**t...
  21. G8RSH

    Flame Red 172, Torquay carpark.

    Not a clue what the carpark is called, @ the bottom carpark where you pay via token.
  22. Paprika123

    Flame red 1*2 - Livingston.

    Had black wheels and a private reg. FHZ then there numbers or something along those lines.
  23. W

    Flame Red 172 a38 between ripley and mansfield

    I was infront of you in the white van pulling out of the police HQ, sounded nice when you passed me :P
  24. markerboy2002

    Flame Red 172 Norwich

    Seen in Old Catton, reg is HK02 TKA Would like to know it's in good hands due to it being my old 172 and my first clio sport
  25. l33th3tr33

    Flame red 172 Paignton to torquay ring road

    I came up behind you on the dual carriageway earlier, it sounded immense! Looked like a yozza, and had Lexus lights and black badges.
  26. VIICarCare

    Flame Red 172's .... Many left?

    I can only seem to find a handful of flamers on PH's/ebay/AT. Most are on at least 100k with issues :( I'm not paying 3.5k for a low mileage, non existent history one either. It is looking gloomy for my flamer revival. Get your our names down if you have one, pics just to torment me if you...
  27. A

    Flame Red 172 on Turbines. Braintree Mcds.

    Spotted as I popped through, I was in my Flamer.
  28. N

    flame red 172 SS Great britain, Bristol

    Just took the rabble out to Bristol docks, and what was in the carpark. A nice looking flame red 172 with grey turinis on. Looked pretty low too. And had a sticker. I need to get another one... Looked very nice, if slightly dirty lol
  29. T

    ph1 172 in Flame Red, Nottingham last night, clio sport sticker

    behind you down Huntingdon street in the LY Megane nice tidy looking Clio
  30. sam_clio182

    Flame red cliosport Dunfermline

    Seen today about lunchtime (possibly) just off the big roundabout at the motorway heading towards asda we both shared a moment of admiring each other's clios