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gear knob

  1. D

    White Plastic Cap from Top Of Gear Stick

    Greetings! I have a Clio MK3 (I believe, it's a Clio Extreme from 2008), and replaced the gear knob a while ago. During replacing the gear knob, the white plastic cap from the top of the gear stick was thrown away because it was damaged. The official gear knob now just spins around on top of the...
  2. frayz

    Renaultsport Clio gear knob swap - How to

    After buying back my old 182, the gearknob had lived a good life but looking less than its best after 114k miles of fun. I did this earlier and took some photos, so decided to put together a little guide if anyone else fancies doing the same. Tools required: - New gearknob - Renault Part number...
  3. T

    Clio mk3 shift knob replacement

    Hi I have bought a mk 3 clio ripcurl and it is in desperate need of a new shift knob I want to put a likewise shifter in it but need the diameter of the shifter sharft "or what ever the technical term is ?" to know what size adapter to buy, if anyone knows this it would be greatly appreciated
  4. Aliween1400

    172 Ph1 gear knob

    Hi guys Im after a 172 ph1 gear knob Does anyone know part number or where i can get one? i take it there wont be many used ones for sale lol ;)
  5. G

    Gear knob change and gear knob fitting

    I have seen people speak about removing gear knob's from clios but I'm unsure on where to find nice replacements for lift up reverse. I was wondering if...