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Renaultsport Clio gear knob swap - How to


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After buying back my old 182, the gearknob had lived a good life but looking less than its best after 114k miles of fun.
I did this earlier and took some photos, so decided to put together a little guide if anyone else fancies doing the same.

Tools required:
- New gearknob - Renault Part number 8200822162
- Small terminal screwdriver - pick
- Junior hacksaw
- Cardboard box (shoebox sized'ish) - not needed but nice to catch debris
- Large Stillsons/Water pump pliers
- Small carbide burr or rotary tool to enlarge the hole in the new knob if required
- Araldite - similar 2 pack epoxy resin

One worn gearknob due to many happy miles in my 182


Use a small screwdriver/pick at the corner of the insert to prise out the silver plastic insert. This will pop right out without much effort.
Cut a small cross in the centre of your cardboard box and place it over the gear knob, this will catch most of the debris you will create cutting off the old item


Take a Junior hacksaw and cut a cross in the top of the knob. Hinge the hacksaw cutting action so that the cut goes right down to the base where the "lift up reverse" collar is.
Be careful not to cut the collar and make sure you stop when you feel the blade hit the actual selector steel shaft.


Now you can peel off the old leather/rubber covering revealing the white nylon core attached to the shaft.



Next you will need a large pair of Stillsons or water pump /adjustable pliers


With the core cut through as much as you can, use the pliers to twist the core and crack the glue that's holding it on. Once the glue cracks you can keep twisting back and forth and after not too much effort the old core will come right off.



Take your new knob - Renault part number 8200822162


Clean the knurling on the shaft, remove the cardboard box and take this time to have a hoover up in the cabin.
Check the new knob for fitment, you may find you have to ream the centre bore out slightly to aid fitting. I did so with a carbide burr till the fit on the shaft was nice and snug.
Next mix up some Araldite / 2 part epoxy and very lightly coat the inside of the knob centre bore.
Do NOT overdo it, this is just a light film of resin, if you add too much it will run down into the reverse collar and cause it to bind up. Wipe away and excess resin quickly as this will cure in approx. 10 minutes temp/humidity depending.
Make sure the new knob is aligned before allowing the resin to cure.

Ta da!!


Short Legs

ClioSport Club Member
  a better one
you forgot the part where you slip with the hacksaw and cut half your thumb off, cutting through a bit of your thumbnail in the process.

Maybe that was just me....(y)


ClioSport Club Member
you forgot the part where you slip with the hacksaw and cut half your thumb off, cutting through a bit of your thumbnail in the process.

Maybe that was just me....(y)

I'd read elsewhere that this job was an absolute nightmare.
Hand on heart i did this start to finish in about 30 min and that was stopping to take photos. I was expecting a right headache.

Guess i got lucky. :)