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gearbox problem

  1. S

    Gearbox - wont go into 1st after reversing

    Hi, Recently purchased a Clio Sport 02 - I'm unfamiliar with them. After going into reverse, it becomes difficult to shift into gear again, usually takes a couple of tries - sometimes more - and after clutching in serval times as well. Also, another issue related to the gearbox is the shifter...
  2. vdk chld

    Clio Mk1 16v issues getting 1st/2nd gear engaged, thoughts?

    After any thoughts about a gear selection issue I'm having, know issues, common faults etc. Here goes: Stationary and trying to select 1st, pretty my a no go, Stationary try to select 2nd, pretty much a no go, Stationary and try to select another gear, not tried yet. Stationary try to select...
  3. C

    Clio 1.2 dynamique 2010 gearbox issue?

    The car: So basically i got this car as a CAT c. Was a pretty good bargain imo. No problems thus far. Has almost 50k on the clock and 2 owners i believe. The problem: Basically 1st and reverse are quite hard to shift into. To get to reverse i basically have to set it to neutral and wait like 1...