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  1. K

    Kangoo 172 cranking but not firing

    Hello all, I have just purchased a converted Kangoo with a 172 lump in it. Absolutely love it BUT it doesn't work. It is cranking strongly but will not turn over. There are no immobiliser lights on the dash - there is an aftermarket immobiliser but it appears this is off. Coil pack is...
  2. K

    Immobiliser issue mk2 phase 1 clio grande

    Hello there, owner of a 2001 Y reg Clio mk2 phase 1 grande with the 1499cc petrol. been a great car for months but had an underlying issue with the immobiliser i been ignoring for months until the other day i was stuck after work for over an hour as the immobiliser would not disable. Has had a...
  3. B

    Immobilizer solution?

    Hello. I have a problem where the car sometimes won't start. I turn the key to start it, and nothing happens, then i back the key and start it again, and then it starts fine. Sometimes, if it takes more that 4 key turns to start, the immo kicks in and it cuts off after cranking for a couple of...
  4. B

    Intermittent no start situation

    Hello. I'm having some problems again, a bit of a weird one. It can work fine for a couple of days, then not at all. it will crank for a couple secs when it decides to not work, but the cut out. Sometimes, i turn it over a couple more times and it starts right up, sometimes id cranks for two...
  5. C

    Plain Keys

    I recently got a 1.4 clio 2002 reg I have one plain key that does the doors and starts the car and one key blade that again does the same, it's just frustrating having to remember use the lock button on the dash to lock and unlock the boot, I keep seeing about having to program keys for...
  6. R

    Clio Sport 1.4 1998 - The key cannot activate the central locking nor start the car.

    Hi Folks, I'm totally out of my league here with this key challenge. The car has been standing for a while but i have changed the battery and replaced the batteries inside the key fob not still no joy. Please help. Many thanks in anticipation .......
  7. H

    Immobiliser fuse missing?

    Hi all Documentation says fuse 28 is for the immobiliser, but my fuse box doesn’t have the fuse, nor even the connections for the fuse to be clamped in. Any thought why this would be? - I don’t have an immobiliser?! But I have the light alongside the handbrake. Thanks
  8. Fraser.mac182

    Just put engine back in, solid immobiliser light

    Just dropped the engine back in my 182 after having it out todo belts and other bits and bobs. Went to start but wont even crank over. Ive checked and cleaned all earths and even created additional ones using jumpleads. (From earth on battery too chassis ect). Ive tried the key resets ect but...
  9. B

    172 won't start after engine swap

    Recently bought a 172 for a track car project and had a new engine (172 engine) and gearbox (182 gearbox) put in (old ones were pretty far gone). When we bought the car it did have immobiliser problems where you sometimes needed to do a sequence to get the car to start. After the engine swap I...
  10. B

    Mk1 Clio 1.8 16v / Williams ecu ? Spark fuel but won't run?

    Hi guys I'm new here :smile: Basically long story short, I brought this clio of eBay, seller said he thinks the alarm has killed it, done a little digging, all the alarm seems to be working, doors lock / unlock Immobiliser turns from red to green and it cranks over fine. Stripped engine bay...
  11. C

    Car won't crank over (turn over)

    My girlfriends Clio 1.2 8v won't crank over she went shopping got out pressed the lock button but it didn't lock went and done what she had to came back out turned the key and nothing got the car towed back and noticed the immobiliser light is not on or flashing had a new battery fitted so do...
  12. 20vKarlos

    Starting problem... new battery, won't start! n

    Right guys, Yesterday I went to pick up my bargain Clio 172, I was told prior to winning the car that it just needed a battery and it would start up. It was last started a month ago by the kiddies dad. I arrive, change the battery and nothing happens, not even a click... so I was thinking...
  13. Oddesy

    Clio 172 Cup Immobiliser/ECU/Key issue

    I've seen a few threads like this now so apologies if I'm repeating what others have already posted, but I cant seem to find a solution and they don't 100% relate to the issue I'm currently having. So my car has been a bit temperamental when starting, most of the time its fine and starts first...
  14. L

    Immobiliser fault! :(

    Evening guys! I know you've probably heard this a thousand times but here goes... I've got a 2002 mk2 clio, only had it a week or so and its been fine. I swapped the radio over tonight and now it won't start. When I put the new radio in the interior light etc went out so I found a popped fuse...