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  1. Mikek84

    Inferno 182 cup , tidy up 😃

    Well just bought this Christmas eve and hoping to tidy it up slightly over the next few months for summer. As these are getting slightly rarer hoping I can enjoy it in the summers . While being a good investment at the same time. Currently on 103k pretty original apart from the usual exhaust and...
  2. MrBlonde

    The Swan Pub,Chappel 182

    Randomly came across a inferno?182 at the Swan pub in Chappel near colchester essex,i think the fella may work there. Nice plate to.
  3. wavo

    Nicole the Renault Clio 182 Cup in Inferno Orange 2005

    So I finally Managed to find a car close to me :smile: I Introduce to you: Nicole Renault Clio 182 Cup Inferno Orange 2005 74,000 Miles Full Service History Factory Fitted Recaro's Ktec Coilovers Ktec Cat Back Exhaust Ktec Induction Kit Whiteline Rear Bar Ktec Engine Mounts Drives Sport on...
  4. robbie1988

    Robs Inferno 182 Cup.....

    Well I am back again with another Clio. Bought it in February and it has had a good history on with Inferno being the first owner then Daniel before Jenic got it. It came to me with 84k miles on the clock and all the bills and receipts for its life on the road. This is my fifth...
  5. Vivek

    Inferno Spring Pics

    Pictures of my Inferno, don't really post often, more of a forum lurker. But the sun was out today so grabbed a few pics. Don't think the S7 Edge Camera does it justice, will probably post again when I have access to something better!
  6. Darren61

    Project Inferno

    Having owned a few RenaultSports over the years (including a LY R26, Titanium 182 and my current daily a 175 DCI) I decided that this year I would get myself a 'toy' for track days (living in Silverstone is also quite handy for this). I knew it had to be a 172/182 and since January I had been...
  7. frayz

    Frayz's Inferno 182 - Back in the old flame

    Well guys here she is. The day I picked her up (Yesterday). 100% stock 182 Excuse the cak phone images. I'll get some proper ones once shes had a clean and i can get out in the sunshine. I wasnt 100% on the colour before i picked it up. But now im quite smitten on it. Still feels and smells...