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it'll never be finished

  1. nath&alex

    Nath's RB track car build

    Hello Peeps, Well been lurking in the background on the forum for some time now, when I first joined I had a BG FF182 with cup packs which I ran for nearly 3 years and loved every minute of it. The 182 was meant to be a track car that I could run to work in, but for one reason or another it...
  2. JP83

    Project: Nick Frost 172

    So it's finally happened.... Nick Frost has gone and got himself a 172! After a 2nd trip to Llandow this year (August 2014), enough was enough. Ever since being taken out in a Renault Sport Clio, I'd had a hankering for one. The plan was to buy one on the cheap (very cheap!), and slowly...