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Nath's RB track car build


ClioSport Club Member
Hello Peeps,

Well been lurking in the background on the forum for some time now, when I first joined I had a BG FF182 with cup packs which I ran for nearly 3 years and loved every minute of it. The 182 was meant to be a track car that I could run to work in, but for one reason or another it didn't happen. Mainly the cost of running the 182 was daft so ended up selling it to a friend from work, who funnily enough is on here!!

Anyway I got a sensible car to drive to work in and decided I wanted a ph1 sunflower to replace my 182 to be a dedicated track car. So I'd got a budget in mind but could not find what I was looking for, so I saw a sunflower on eBay which was a little worse for wear but with some love and attention it could be.

So my plan was hatched, following inspiration from @BIGASH and @Kenny.s (to name a couple but there's lots more!!) I'd build the track car I wanted on a bit of budget initially. But basically I'd have to redo a lot of the stuff I'd already done to the 182 plus a lot more!!
I'll add my desired spec up shortly

So on the 6th October 2013 I went to pick it up


It was then left sat next to my caravan in storage for a while




That being left in storage lasted until pretty much Xmas this year when I finally brought it back to mine

Not before collecting a few parts along the way, courtesy of @Feirny when he was at EPC, Adam @Renault Wolverhampton , Nick @pure-motorsport , Cooksport, Chris @16xe_chris at CM composites plus others...




As I'd taken of the battery I tried to connect my battery charger up to it so I could lower the windows for working in it. TBH that didn't work great as the alarm started going off as soon as the battery charger was turned on, it blew the fuse before I could get the windows down. But when the ignition was on it primed the fuel system, well tried to. It smelt of fuel in the garage, though nothing of it until I came back in later so looked under car to see fuel lines leaking. So I jacked up the car and found this....


Looks like the killer rabbits in the caravan storage place had been having a feast

Since the new year I have been removing the interior trim to ditch what weight I could then started removing the tar patches in the front with my trusty heat gun & scraper finished off with Tardis





Then made an initial look at what I could split out of the loom, starting with the SRS stuff connected to the original seats


Then finally got a bit of assistance (hindrance) in the shape of @Feirny who assisted me to push it out the garage to get the last screw out the top dash. With a bit of a struggle we eventually got the top dash off, at some point in its life its had a new windscreen and they covered the top dash in mastic making it hard to get out!! We then removed/cut out the Cobra alarm which Ferny informs me means its an import destined for such as Japan.

We then removed the lower dash and I made a started cutting other stuff out of the loom. Starting with the audio loom & front roof loom. At which point Feirny had to shoot off as we'd been working on it for 3 hours, time flies when you're having fun!! I carried on until about midnight and then called it a night.




I'll be removing A/C, ABS(fitting cup master cylinder & Tilton bias valve), UCH/immobiliser so still lots to do with the loom. Not sure what I'll have to do faults/CLIP wise after these changes but I'm sure someone will tell me

Well thats the start of my project thread

I'll be back to add more for those who are interested, thanks for looking :)


ClioSport Club Member
@Feirny is upset because I missed his official title "captain chaos" off!!
Well bits I currently have to fit are:
Pure motorsport A/C delete kit
Pure Motorsport wheel studs and nuts
172 Cup subframe
172 Cup wishbones
Cup wishbone strengthening plates (design nearly complete, utilising a standard PMS strengthening plate for the initial comparison)
New Cup dampers
Cooksport springs
Cambelt kit & dephaser (and cam locking kit to do it)
Speedline 2118s wrapped in Dunlop DZ03Gs
Cup master cylinder and tilton bias valve to allow ABS removal
New Veleo clutch
Front wheel bearings
Powerflex black series bushes:
ARB ones
Rear beam


ClioSport Club Member
Plus various engine gaskets & seals
Coolant pump
New genuine HT leads
plugs etc for a quick refresh and service
Engine oil, gearbox oil


ClioSport Club Member
Quick update for tonight

Spent a couple of hours thinning out the looms, its certainly time consuming. I concentrated on the passenger side loom to the rear, which contains the following things which I have now removed:
  • Passenger door switch
  • boot light
  • bootlid switch
  • rear heated screen
  • rear wiper



I have now removed all the redundant wiring upto the blue and black plugs next to bonnet lever, notice not many wires in them now!!


Finally my growing pile of removed wiring :smile:

Only a short update as mentioned above its time consuming unwrapping, tracing wires and then removing. This way I don't disturb any wiring I shouldn't be, there are a number of common'd earths etc which aren't seen without unwrapping.

Anyway thanks for look :smile:


ClioSport Club Member
  Sunflower Ph1
Looking good progress and great plans. Glad to see your rescuing it. Those side skirts are shocking.

Will definitely be watching this
This is looking good! :up:. Seeing how much wiring has been removed has got me tempted to do mine.. surprised how much you can lose!
Will keep an eye on this :smirk:


ClioSport Club Member
Looking good progress and great plans. Glad to see your rescuing it. Those side skirts are shocking.

Will definitely be watching this

Well for the minute the skirts are staying even though I hate them, now the interior is removed you can see they have been riveted on as well as filled!! I am enquiring about 3M wrapping materials as they are make a Sunflower wrap. However this is my short term plan, long term I have big plans inspired by @Kenny.s

The look of all that wiring scares the living crap out of me.

Well helps when you're an Electrical Engineer However the only advice I would give is take your time and follow the wiring through

This is looking good! :up:. Seeing how much wiring has been removed has got me tempted to do mine.. surprised how much you can lose!
Will keep an eye on this :smirk:

Depends what you want to ditch, I am being quite ruthless and getting rid of interior lighting etc
@nath&alex I have already ditched all interior lights, rear wiper, all airbag units and all the wiring remains! Just haven't really thought too much about removing it. May have to crack on and just do it haha :smile:


ClioSport Club Member
@nath&alex I have already ditched all interior lights, rear wiper, all airbag units and all the wiring remains! Just haven't really thought too much about removing it. May have to crack on and just do it haha :smile:
@SamHowell it's quite easy for me as its a dedicated track car. You need time to work through it methodically, best not done on a daily drive(if yours is?) IMO unless you have chunk of time to do it and be without your car


ClioSport Club Member
Well complete another hour or so on the car again tonight, mainly wiring loom trimming with a bit of sound deadening removal around the dash area. To be honest tonight I feel like I've bitten off more than I can chew, but I'll just keep plodding along!! There seem to be a hell of a lot of commoned wires, what I mean by that is there is a point on a wire where lot of other wires are soldered on and wrapped with tape then one wire goes back to a point.
Anyway here are my photos


My task would be made easier if I had the proper schematic wiring diagrams for the car as the Haynes manual ones are rubbish!! Got a copy of Dialogys but it doesn't like my VIN :(

Not sure whether my redundant wiring pile is getting bigger or not? You decide..

Hopefully make some better progress tomorrow, thanks for look


ClioSport Moderator
When I paired my original loom back it was done with no diagrams whatsoever mate, so I feel your pain. You'll appreciate all the effort you've put in to do it though when you weigh what you've removed! All sub 1kg's worth of it. I s**t you not! Lol


ClioSport Club Member
Had a couple of hours on the sunflower again tonight, which consisted pretty much of pulling wires out of the loom

Not sure whether you see much difference here??

I had apart the passenger door socket to pull out the redundant bits, mainly the audio wiring however there was also a grey wire for the heated mirrors (did't realise it had them!!) which comes off the relay for the heated rear screen. I then chased some of these wires over to the drivers side, but need to pull the car out the garage to finish them off. But that can wait until @Feirny (AKA Captain Chaos) come round again!!

Pulled the drivers speaker grill off and removed the speaker. Then set about the drivers side loom to the rear, so stripped back the loom wrapping/insulation from about the point where the fuel pump stuff comes across back to the front. I pulled the rear speaker cables with me and stuck a small amount of insulation tape as I went, then when I got to the drivers door switch wiring I pulled that forward too again adding tape back on as I went. Took it to the front black plug/socket where it joins the dash loom and pull the associated pins/sockets out for each wire either side, then clipped it all back into place



I then tried to tidy up the dash loom a bit where I have ragged it about a bit removing wires, I also removed the last of the wiring from the SRS unit which using the haynes manual info I followed the SRS/airbag light wire to the instrument cluster and pulled it out of the plug. Followed closely by the wire from the seat belt warning thingy next to the clock, this also went to a warning light on the instrument cluster which has now been removed :)

Anyway here is the pile for tonight, you decide if its getting bigger?


If anyone could send me some pictures from a phase 1 handbook for the info for the associated fuses and relays that would help greatly. Unfortunately I did't get one when I bought it

Just have to make the comment that Captain Chaos made comment that I'm keeping my work area too tidy since he left!! I'm only just starting to get organised again after the whirlwind that is @Feirny :)

Time to get some shut eye I'm supposed to be up for 6am :(


ClioSport Club Member
Does anyone know if the pins are available from Renault for the rear lights, headlights and side repeaters socket/plugs, ? Thinking at some point going whole hog and making my own loom ;)
Remember seeing this for sale on Gumtree.

I don't buy that thing with the alarm. The alarms were all retro fitted in the UK along with the wheel locks when the cars arrived in the UK from France. Mine has a cobra, car bought brand new from Renault.


ClioSport Club Member
  Sunflower Ph1
Progress is looking good. No way would I have the balls to be tackling the loom so hats off.

Never realised they were heated mirrors either


ClioSport Club Member
Did a little bit today, probably about half and hour due to the fact of a family pet bereavement and having to dig a grave :(

Anyway, thought I'd have a look under my alloy bonnet today. Took the washer bottle out with a view to looking at the A/C wiring



Well go the washer bottle removed and tried to remove the rubber cover in the corner not realising it was a great big plug!!




I then removed the insulation from the cable for the A/C unit, then decided to read through my Haynes manual which has now got me a bit confused. The wiring diagram shows an A/C control unit with 3 plugs, it does show the plug under the bonnet with its 15 pins going to the A/C blower unit. I'm a bit nervous of cutting any wires out until I know and understand the circuit. Does any one have any decent Renault wiring diagrams they could send me? PM me and I'll send you my email address ;)




I also took the opportunity to remove some of the crap bits put on by the previous owner

Well next step would be emptying the coolant system and removing the auxiliaries to get the engine and box out. I've got Cam belt, aux belts, dephaser, coolant pump and PMS A/C delete kit to fit. While its out I'll give a mild refresh, I've got a lot of seals etc from Adam already and probably still need more.

Anyway thanks for looking :)


ClioSport Club Member
Well here is tonights update, not been bothered to do anything for a few days due to work. Had big plans as Captain Chaos AKA @Feirny was coming over but he's got man flu and its wiped him out.

So I set about jacking up the rear to remove the wheel so I could start draining the brake lines. Well I've never had wheel bolts/nuts as tight as that before!!

Started with my smaller torque wrench


Then had to bring out the big guns!! My bigger torque wrench is the one I use for drive shaft nuts


Anyway finally got the wheels off the rear

I then set about removing the disgusting coloured brake fluid with my eazibleed pressurising the system to push the fluid out.


I then lowered it down an set about removing the passenger side wheel, started with the big guns first. Again these were very tight.

Again I followed the same process of using my eazibleed to push the old fluid out, this way I would minimised any fluid drip-age when I take the lines off. Once complete I jacked the rear up again, got some stands under it and then removed the brake lines for the rear of the car. Ha dot get a bit rough though and cut through the rear flexible hoses as even though I have proper brake pipe spanners the fittings were rounding over. I also removed the loom to the rear ABS sensors, quite easy as it was a plug and socket job :smile:

I then move my attention to the front, so I started to remove the sound deadening from the firewall, not an easy task with the engine in but I managed it.



Which then revealed the ABS unit

Which some pipes came off easy, others didn't want to so my trusty hacksaw came out :smile: I removed the pipes to the master cylinder and pulled out the short section that were left for the rear, I pulled the drivers side caliber feed pipe across to that side ready for removal once I push the car out the garage for more room!! I finally removed the ABS unit.

This will come out once the engine is out

and be replace with a Cup master cylinder



Anyway a bit more to add to the metal pile to weight in later :wink:


Anyway as a side note if I didn't mention it this sunflower is a Cat C or D can't remember?? It had a rear end shunt at some point, anyway having taken the rear wheels off I am now concerned it bent on the rear as there is rubbage on the rear arch liners. My long term plan is to buy a new shell as Adam has told me they're still available and not a bad price. However for theme being I was going to run it as it is. Hope its not going to disappoint me 😧

Things would move quicker with more bodies, but I'll just keep plodding on!! Thanks for looking :smile:

Ph1 Tom

ClioSport Club Member
Double check that master cylinder. It has 20.6 stamped on it but the cup cylinder is 22.2mm. You might have been sent a base spec non abs cylinder :(


ClioSport Club Member
Well Captain Chaos AKA @Feirny came round this evening for a play

We started by removing the bumper, upper grill and headlights. Those keen eyed will notice my temporary lash up of my new Odyssey battery more on that later


Proof that Captain Chaos is working with me, here he's finishing removing the passenger headlight. Interestingly it has no plugs on the main lamp unit it has has the socket of spade type crimp. We assumed that maybe in a previous life it had some aftermarket HIDs fitted.

Next we remove the coolant and dropped loads on the garage floor!! Followed by removing all the air con related stuff, so firstly the air con condensor was removed closely followed by the normal radiator. All the associated air con pipes were then removed. I then cut through the aux belt with a stanley knife, it was well perished but I don't seem to have taken a picture and not sure what @Feirny did with it?? We then set about removing the alternator and top bracket. Captain Chaos can be seen removing the air con compressor




We finished the evening off with removing the redundant alternator bracketry (PMS kit to go on)

Still a bit more to do to get the engine out, but enjoyed my evening

Certainly looking a bit sorry for itself

Bit more scrap for the scrap pile to weight in :)

A few bits and pieces taken off this evening

Thanks @Feirny for assisting in pushing this along with me tonight, cheers mate :)

As seen in the first photo I have got my self a lighter weight battery, tried it on to see what works or more like what doesn't work after the loom reductions. It would seem even though I was careful I still seem to have caused issues. I could really do with the proper wiring looms from someone, ideally for everything!!

Next is to much on to remove the engine allowing me to do belts and defacer etc which should be interesting. I've still not got my head around the came belt procedure they!! Might need some pointers when it comes to it, I've got all the timing tools via Adam @Renault Wolverhampton

Still to ask about the master cylinder though

Anyway thanks for looking