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  1. F

    Clio 182 running bad after o2 sensor and spark plug change

    Hey guys in need of some help again So just changed my pre cat o2 sensor and spark plugs Now the car feels like it’s holding back at like below 2.5 3k rpm and sometimes just sounds really rough at idle almost stalling. One of the spark plug wire wouldn’t go all the way in properly tho, I’m...
  2. TheJimsterJim

    Overheating, squeaking engine and juddering steering. What has gone wrong?

    Been searching the forum but can't seem to figure out what has gone wrong on my 2005 182FF. Recently changed my alternator after it died and all seemed to be going just fine for about a week then today I took her for a spin and I'm sure I felt something go under the car and then could hear a...
  3. W

    Intermittent power loss when in anything above 2nd gear mk3 clio rs200

    Hello. After a good 300 miles battering around the welsh roads in the clio rs200 with no faults whatsoever, a mere 3 days since being home I noticed coming back from a short trip that the car suddenly lost power in 3rd gear. I wasnt thrashing it, I just put my foot down in second a little bit...
  4. dane0

    Sportlines fitted now knocking noise

    Hi, I had eibach sportlines and new top mounts fitted yesterday and now when going around corners or parking you can hear the springs constantly knocking as I move the steering. is this normal for the first few days or is something not right here? I've had a search and I can only find a ton of...
  5. beeched

    Judder when moving off in first gear.

    I recently had a "Full Service" at Halfrauds Autocentres on my 1.2 16v. I have done about 200 miles since the service. I noticed the other day that the car will hold itself on hills without the use of any brakes. The "Mechanic" told me he had adjusted my handbrake because (In his words) it was...