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Intermittent power loss when in anything above 2nd gear mk3 clio rs200

  Clio RS200

After a good 300 miles battering around the welsh roads in the clio rs200 with no faults whatsoever, a mere 3 days since being home I noticed coming back from a short trip that the car suddenly lost power in 3rd gear. I wasnt thrashing it, I just put my foot down in second a little bit and when i changed into 3rd it was like I changed into 6th.

I left the car turned off for a few hours and tried again, it was fine. Couple of days later same thing happened, just no power and sounds so juddery when putting my foot down.

I'm not sure if its because I topped up with cheap fuel, or if it needs a remap to sort it out?

Took it into a tuning garage who plugged it in and found no faults, they couldnt see any issues when the car was on the ramp and looks fine under the bonnet. Typically I couldnt get it to judder or have the issue while I was at the garage, and has driven fine all day after topping back up with vpower. Is it as simple as rubbish fuel, or could the ecu need a flash/remap to sort it out.

Just a bit concerned after the garage couldnt find any issues.... I'm not that mechanical either so i'll try my best with your replies
  R.S 200
If it’s returned to normal after changing fuel and there’s no faults showing, I wouldn’t worry about it.
  Clio RS200
what rpm did it do it at?

Not sure on the first time but the second time it happened a day later I fully revved out 2nd gear and changed into 3rd when I noticed 3rd gear was extremely sluggish and felt like I was in 6th. So did 4th 5th and 6th in feeling sluggish and no power. Turned the car off overnight and next day it was fine again? Makes me think ECU needs flashing or something