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Judder when moving off in first gear.

  Renault Clio 1.2 16V
I recently had a "Full Service" at Halfrauds Autocentres on my 1.2 16v. I have done about 200 miles since the service. I noticed the other day that the car will hold itself on hills without the use of any brakes. The "Mechanic" told me he had adjusted my handbrake because (In his words) it was s**t. :/, I believe he has over tightened it. I have also developed a loud squeak from the front right wheel and my car is juddering when in first. It drove perfectly before the service. I have contacted the garage by email. I believe that the service did more bad than good, what could they have done to create the juddering? I was told the car was in great condition and the only issue was rear drum pads will need doing soon. The car drove nice before the service, I had just bought it and thought I would get it done. So unhappy.
  Clio 172
If the handbrake has been overtightened easy way to tell is jack one of the rear wheels off the floor and spin them, if it doesn't spin freely it's too tight. Easy to fix, there's a nut under the car where the handbrake is, on the sports its hidden behind the exhaust heatshield, just turn it anti-clockwise until the wheel spins freely. Other than that if it's not binding too tighly you could just drive it and it should loosen up in a few hundred miles.

The squeak could be anything, probably brakes though, does it change when you press the brakes? The fix for this is to dismantle them and put some copper anti-seize on the back of the pads and squeal clips. It's more of a cosmetic thing though and doesn't actually affect anything.

The judder, hard to tell, my cars start juddering when the clutch wants replacing.