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  1. Joe Wootten

    Metallic knocking/clunking under braking.

    Hi guys, Wondering if anyone can shed some light on this my issue as it's been coming and going for a while now but has finally got to the point where it's Constant now. When under braking something on the driver side is knocking under braking, only happens under medium/hard load. Once...
  2. Dimmock197

    Lowered 172 knocking?

    Hi all, I have lowered my 172 on ktec coilovers. It's not majorly low at all and has hardly any camber but ever since I put them on when I accelerate hard there's a knocking from the front left (sounds like driveshaft?) Just wanted to know if anyone has experienced this and knows how I can...
  3. dane0

    Sportlines fitted now knocking noise

    Hi, I had eibach sportlines and new top mounts fitted yesterday and now when going around corners or parking you can hear the springs constantly knocking as I move the steering. is this normal for the first few days or is something not right here? I've had a search and I can only find a ton of...
  4. bradleydc172

    Clio 172 engine help?

    Hi was wondering if someone else could help me unbaffle my head. Ive got a clio 172 with a knocking engine. It was all working brillantly me and a friend done the dephaser change still working fine done a 5 mile trip after we done the dephaser then the main shell bearings went. So we changed...
  5. R

    Engine makes rattling/tapping noise

    Hi guys, So i just bought myself a clio 172 2002. On first inspection it sounded smooth, bodywork is mint and got at a great price '£900'. Having ran it a few days, when the engine warms up it sounds like a tractor. You can hear it in the car and stood next to it. This only happens under 2500...
  6. Marshie

    Clio 182 Unhealthy running and ticking

    Had my Clio 182 for about 2 months with 58k on the clock, just had de phaser cam belt, and aux belt done, car was running spot on, turned my car off and went back to it 10 mins later and it's struggling to tick over, has very bad throttle response and has a loud ticking noise, the ticking noise...