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  1. C

    Clio 2 ph 2 interior lighting on top of rear wiew mirror

    Is there a led that will fit in there that has rgb? I was looking some forums and i couldn't find the right answer Also if you know for other lights in the car it would be very helpfull
  2. K

    H1 Bulbs Don't fit? Two pin H7 fitting on Main beam?

    Hi, So I wanted to replace my headlights for some brighter ones. I bought one back of H7 Osram for my dipped beams. They have fitted perfectly. The same fitting is on the full beans as well. A two pin connector. Now I can't use my H1 bulbs for my main beam?? The car is a Renault Clio MK3 2006.
  3. 3

    interier light stays on

    hi, new member interier light stays on when doors shut have a clio sport 2006 any solutions please
  4. B

    Interior light change

    Hi, I've tried to change the lights on the interior but they are not budging. The middle one seemed easy but the outer two won't come out, I've used pliers, taken the section out to try pushing them out from behind, but I can't due to the little metal conductor. This may sound stupid but it's a...
  5. edwarj123

    ESP Light, after market wheel, Angle Sensor

    Hi, Seen this posted somewhere before but can't find the answer. 04 Clio 182 I've swapped out my steering wheel for an OMP wheel and boss. Have put resistors on the airbag wires and wired up the horn and cruise control to one of the custom button plates. I now get the SERV and ESP lights coming...
  6. J

    Mk 3 Clio reverse lights not working - switch and fuses fine but unconnected cable in engine bay?

    So my MK3 Clio (57 plate) reverse lights aren't working and we've checked the fuses, the switch (changed in the last week anyway) and found nothing except this weird loose cable. Anyone have any ideas what it could be? Or how to fix the lights if unrelated. Also the rear left light cluster has...
  7. N

    Indicator problem

    Hello everyone! Just looking for some advice. My indicators have started going really fast intermittently. Sometimes it's normal, sometimes it's fast, sometime is clicking like it's trying to indicate but is going too fast for them to actually turn on. Works fine on hazards and all bulbs are...
  8. P

    Interior instrument lighting

    Hi all I have a standard Renault Clio 2008 extreme and was wondering how to change the standard orange colour to a led white or ice blue colour on the instrument panel ??? Thanks Pete ;)