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  1. kenbob

    My white mk2 Clio

    Hey guys, I don't see many white Clio's around and wanted to share recent some pics of mine.
  2. Manny182

    Arctic Blue Clio 182 Project

    I purchased my Clio 182 for £1100 back in November and it's safe to say I've been in love with her ever since. At the time, I said to myself I'll keep the car past the summer and look to move on afterwards, but who was I kidding... Even though I haven't done any work on it or spent anything on...
  3. I

    Damsel in distress

    Can anybody tell me whether this bumper extension or whatever you deem to call it has a name or somewhere I can get a replacement? Country lanes and lowering springs have resulted in the need for some TLC
  4. J

    Cheap mk3 clio coilovers???

    I have a mk3 1.5dci 2010 and Want to know of any cheap coilovers. I put 3sdms on my clio with 5mm spacers to make them fit but this means the tyres stick out and there is about a 90mm gap from tyre to outside arch. I found coilovers on eBay called ta tuningart which said (fits mk3 clio box)...
  5. S

    MK2 clio 1.2 wheel spacer advice needed.

    Hi, just looking for some advice on wheel spacers. I'm running the standard 15" 185/55R wheels and tyres. Anyone who what size I should get to fill the huge gap between my wheel arch and tyre. Also running PI 60mm lowering springs so will my tyres rub the arches after spacing?
  6. S

    Mk2 Clio Lowering spring suggestions?? 40mm? 60mm?

    Hi guys, about to lower my Mk2 Clio Extreme, just looking for suggestions on what lowering springs I should buy eg. 40mm or 60mm, which brand to choose, what looks best, what rides best and if there are any major drawbacks to using 60mm over 40mm etc. as you can see from the photo the wheel gap...
  7. W

    Rear Spacers with Cooksports

    As per the title! Clio 182, lowered on Cooksports, ET45 wheels (182 Cup), 205 profile tyres. What size spacers can you run before needing a non fat mates rule?
  8. J

    My love CLIO 2ph2 <3

    Hello everybody! I bought my Clio one year ago.The car had all in original. I fell in love with this Renault. Something about car: Renault Clio 2 ph 2 Dynamique engine: 1.5DCi 82HP year: 2002 First mods: (end 2015- september 2016) -new suspension COILOVERS :TaTechnix -rims: MOMO Tens 15inches...