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monaco blue

  1. R

    Mk3 1.4 non-sport front splitter

    Hi guys, very much struggling to find a quality good looking front splitter for my mk3 1.4 non-sport. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Ideally would love the RS mk3 splitter but I can't find a way of making it fit my car?!
  2. t90_lle

    Turbo Monaco 172

    I've got my build thread but thought I'd post some pics in here for a change since not everyone reads projects :up: A few shots with @182_steve super clean 182.
  3. ZFJ Ben

    French import Monaco

    So last month I finally bought myself a Monaco 172! Ever since I had my 1.2 I knew that a RS would be my next car. After working many hours washing pots and serving in a pub, I could finally buy and insure my very own 172 at the age of 18!!! Picture below is at the services on the way home old...
  4. Ash P

    Monaco Blue 172 in Luton

    I've seen this slammed clio parked at the car park behind Fitzroy and I'm guessing the owner is a student that's just moved in there too? "
  5. 182_Ads

    53 plate Monaco Blue 172 Colne

    Just seen a Monaco Blue 172 with black Cup Turinis in Colne near Carlo's Italian, anyone off here?
  6. Pauleds

    Damaged Monaco blue

    Parked up on the side of the A5 at Gledrid roundabout. Bent bottom arm and subframe, damaged wheels. Pm me if you need it shifting

    Monaco Blue 172 LD02

    Spotted this morning in Darwen about 7.50am . I was in the Arctic 182 behind you .
  8. adamlstr

    Who was on the A40 @ Brent this morning? (Monaco Blue 172 KU02JYR)

    Pretty sure I've seen this around Amersham before, used to have pink centred wheels though?!.. I was in the 172 Cup.
  9. Luke...

    2002 Monaco Blue 172 As bought from a salvage auction i have no service history. So with that in mind i am not sure on when belts were done but dephaser is quiet. The car does have a few issues but all are purely...
  10. wizzalip71

    Monaco blue 03 plate in Mawdesley

    Gave you a cheeky thumbs up this morning
  11. dan :)

    My Monaco blue 172

    Hey recently just joined and only picked my car up today :) Needs a new alternator and a little bit of tidying up and cleaning before I start making plans for her
  12. K

    Monaco blue 172 m62

    Joining onto the m62 coming off the m6 around half 1 today. Looked tidy.
  13. Cooperate

    Monaco Blue Severn bridge

    Followed a stunning Monaco Blue over the bridge this afternoon. Private plate. On here? I was in the black 182
  14. V

    Monaco blue 172 thornbury high street, north bristol

    You were behind my RB 182 :)
  15. The Chubby Pirate

    Monaco blue 172, Greenock.

    Today around 1300 at the McDonalds?
  16. Damon65

    Monaco blue 172 papworth

    Parked on a driveway on summershill drive in papworth everard
  17. A

    Monaco Blue 172 on Turini's Concord

    Seen this around Concord a few times, looks smart and well kept. Anyone on here?
  18. Dstat

    Monaco blue 172

    Hi guys. Thought I would get some pics up of my newly acquired and freshly washed 172. I love it! Also added a pic of my DIY cc on aftermarket wheel. Not sure if I will keep the wheel but it came with it and I have the original if I want to swap back. I'm also unsure on the tints but they can...
  19. JAMason

    Cheshire Oaks. Monaco Blue 5 door. 182 wheels, sport bumper.

    Spotted in the pub carpark of the old hall farm. Think you spotted me.
  20. G

    Monaco Blue Front Bumper + Wings

    All the info is in the description, only put the rear 172 bumper on the car and not got the funds to get the front bumper and wings resprayed silver to complete the rep so I'm selling! Located in birmingham - B65. link ...
  21. Timmsy

    Monaco Blue 172 Bexhill

    Coming onto roundabout Looked pretty smart!
  22. DanH7

    Opinions please - Clio 172 - Monaco Blue on eBay

    This is pretty much the limit of my budget, it's fairly local to me to: Opinions please - Clio 172 - Monaco Blue on eBay I can see a mistake with the "Full fat" description. :S
  23. Timmsy

    Monaco Blue 172 Bexhill

    Followed you from Bexhill through to St Leonards, CS sticker in the back.. Car was a bit dirty though ;)
  24. Jules172

    Choice of colour wheels for a Monaco blue 172 and style?

    What's people's views on what colour and style wheels suit the Monaco blue 172's i want to change but not sure what to!!!!
  25. wiley

    monaco blue 172

    bought this last week at a very good price will be using her for a little runaround for now bought the car which has already had a few mods lowered 40mm on apex springs 16" team dynamics alloys with toyo proxes brembo discs and ferodo pads car handles amazingly well i had a 500+ bhp scooby...
  26. N

    Nick172Cup’s Monaco Blue RenaultSport Clio 172 Progress Blog...

    Nick172Cup’s Monaco Blue RenaultSport Clio 172 Progress Blog... So had this one a few months now, purchased off Budgie as he needed it sold so I decided to keep it in the Failsport family. With myself saving for a deposit for a mortgage I need to sell my fleet of other cars, for a car that had...
  27. K_McDermott

    Monaco Blue 172 Sport Progress

    Hi all, newish on here, sold my ibiza Cupra 20vt recently to look for something cheaper, looking to start doing a few track days and just looking for something a bit cheaper to run but that's still fun so obviously I chose a clio sport :) It's a 172 sport got all standard features no mods as...
  28. Ethan1996

    Ethan's Monaco Blue MK3

    Well, it all started in August 2013 when I started looking for a MK3 Clio as my first car. Having seen a few heaps and a few with high mileage I went to view this car in Gillingham, Kent. Me and my Dad took the car for a test drive, and quickly put down a deposit to pick it up the next...
  29. F

    Monaco Blue 172 - Horsforth

    Stanhope Avenue, parked up in a driveway. Looked really nice.
  30. Ethan1996

    Show Me Your Monaco Blue MK3? :)

    Hi, Fairly new to this forum but I have a Monaco Blue MK3 Clio, and was wondering what mods other people have done to the exterior that fit in well with this colour? :) Pictures would also be great! Sorry if this is in the wrong section and thanks in advance.