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new member

  1. Con.SW

    Back in a 182!

    Hi all, bought another 182 the other week after missing my inferno so much and im over the moon! In two minds to do small things to it or just leave it as it is? Not sure but can't wait for better weather! :)
  2. M

    New to the forum! 182 in the Midlands. Prepping for track!

    Hi all, Recently purchased my first 182. Looking to get it back ready for a few track days this year and maybe meet a few RS members along the way. Based in Wolverhampton so if anyone is nearby would be great to meet other members. May have a few questions and appreciate advice from...
  3. R

    New Clio member.

    Hey peeps, I’m new to the Renault scene. I’m currently awaiting the arrival of my Mk5 Clio rs line in Valencia orange. I should be getting it from the dealer in the next week. I’m so excited :)
  4. N

    Hello from stoke.

    Hi guys, new ISH to the forum, was a member a few years back when I had a 182, I currently don't own a Renault sport, but am looking at a 197/200 this year. over the past IV had a 172, and 2 182's. Absolutely loved them. I'm From stoke on Trent, will be looking at car meets and shows once I...
  5. O

    New Member - Looking to buy! :)

    Hi all New member here, looking to buy a Clio 182. No real preference on colour as I am aware from research that service history and quality have to be put first! Currently in a 2019 Fiesta ST (amazing car) but planning on selling that v soon and move in to something much more cheap and...
  6. S

    New Aussie Clio 172 owner 🇦🇺

    Hi from Australia everyone, I just recently purchased my first Renault (a 2001 Clio 172 non cup). It has 127,000 kms (approx 79,000 miles for everyone else in the group). Its due a timing belt and has a rough idle on startup but other than that is in very nice condition. It does have a sticky...
  7. WhiteClioCup

    Greetings fellow baguette heads. New Member Intro

    Hiya! I've finally managed to save enough to get my own RS2 a couple months ago and I'm absolutely in love with the way he handles, sounds and looks! I've never been so passionate about a car before. So much so i've named him 'Chip'. Problem is I've ended up going on a slight rampage on my...
  8. Aliween1400

    Clio mk2 1.4 16v ☺

    Hi guys Great to be in a group with people that appreciate clios ☺ I have plans to build a 1.6 race engine whilst in uni so will start a thread when that kicks off..... Mods so far: solid engine mounts all round and ac delete ☺ Thanks
  9. Cramps

    New 200 owner and member - Essex

    Hello all, I have just purchased ClioSport membership and this beauty for what I considered a bargain and had originally intended to go for a Megane R26 but the price and colour of this Clio convinced me. I'm coming from a BMW 123d which will be up for sale within the next week or so but even on...
  10. D

    New 182 owner

    Yesterday me and @Lokkdogg went to pick up my first ever Renault. Clio 182 in racing blue. Needs a few bits and pieces doing to it so hopefully ill be able to get some help from you guys!
  11. M

    New member - Second hand Clio 200 where to pay attention

    Hello to the forum! I am new here so I am not sure if the post is in the correct place, so apologies if it's not. To the point now. I am looking to buy a second hand Clio 200, the cup version is the ideal for me, in the next couple of months and I would like for same advices, like what is the...
  12. Jme34

    Celebration thread!

    Alright so I'm a fully paid up member now feel it's time to just check in! This weekend I threw some sportlines (not without a bit of hassle) on my 182 that I've owned for abo ut 5 months. No big modification plans, just want a reconditioned steering wheel, refurbed alloys and a few carpark...