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non sport

  1. kenbob

    My white mk2 Clio

    Hey guys, I don't see many white Clio's around and wanted to share recent some pics of mine.
  2. B

    Clio side skirts

    Hi Does anyone know if people still make or know where to get the 172/182 lookalike side skirts that fit on a non sport? Only one I can find is on eBay from Poland but I'm not paying the £80 list price with a £450 shipping charge on top. Thanks in advance
  3. JKeillor94

    Steering Wheel Swap

    I have a Non sport mk3 Clio Bizu and I want to swap the steering wheel. Looking to see if the 197 wheel would bolt straight on or not? Also, I was looking at an OMP wheel with a quick release kit, how legal are they and how do I get passed an MOT without an airbag? Appreciate any help with...
  4. J

    Clio Non Sport MK3

    Hi, I have recently joined Cliosport after repeatedly using it to find solutions to my many car mod issues. I have a few questions to ask: will 197 upper grilles fit my non sport Mk3? What are the cheapest but still decent coilovers to lower the car to the max for the Mk3 1.4 2007?
  5. Une_Baguette

    My first car! Clio 1.2

    Hello! Been on this forum for a while now just browsing other peoples projects and I thought I may as well start my own thread to keep track of my own progress as I go along! (Sorry for the long post by the way) Back in January 2016 I bought I my first car the cheap and cheerful Clio MK2 1.2 8V...
  6. H-Bomb

    H-Bomb's Non-Sport Clio MKIII Project

    Hi Guys! After passing my test earlier this year i finally got round to getting myself on the road. I really wanted a Clio and happened to come across one really close by in great nick, good mileage/service history etc. its a 2012 Clio MKIII Facelift Expression+ 1.2 16V As its my first car i...
  7. R

    Will 182 fuel pump fit a 1.2 16v?

    So my fuel pump has finally died and i've been looking around for a fairly cheap replacement. Renparts have a pump that's fairly inexpensive at the moment but it's from a 1*2. Is the pump any different on the sport models to the non-sport petrols? (Mine has the D4F)
  8. beeched

    My 1.2 Extreme project.

    Bought this Clio < 3 weeks ago. Really wanted a sport but can't get insured, so I'm going to modify my 1.2 to my taste :) When I bought it, it had 13" steels with broken ghastly wheel trims. First thing I did was buy some trims, made it look 10x better. I also put some fli coaxial door...