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  Renault Clio MK3
Hi Guys!
After passing my test earlier this year i finally got round to getting myself on the road. I really wanted a Clio and happened to come across one really close by in great nick, good mileage/service history etc.
its a 2012 Clio MKIII Facelift Expression+ 1.2 16V
As its my first car i wasn't planning on doing any crazy modifications (engine/wheels/springs etc) mainly just visual mods to make the car less "stock" and more something i could be extra proud of driving round.
the ultimate goal is to get a nice RS with a bit more juice but the meantime, shes just what i need.
oh and before anyone mentions it, there's a reason i went for a 5 door model over a 3 door. I'm in a band and we gig quite a bit, having extra room and access is such a blessing. as much as id love a sporty little 3 door, practicality had to win this round.
ill be uploading a series of photos documenting all the little mods ive done since i bought the car. but for now here's some shots of the day i got it home.
so if anyone's got any suggestions or tips on what i should do next please let me know!!

these are the first photos i got of her! (ps. excuse the dirt!)