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ph1 172

  1. K

    Versions of OEM Renault OZ F1's

    Only recently discovered there is different versions of the renault OZ F1's. Some came in 6j and others 7J, also think 7J OZ F1's are made of magnesium. Does anyone know the story behind this, did they change from some year on ?
  2. M

    Gearbox replacement

    Hi mates I have a 172 for the track, but after any track day my clutch gets super sensitive and noisy and after a while it starts leaking valvoline from the gearbox, I've changed the clutch more than 3 times and I've checked everything I could to be. I'm thinking of changing to another Gearbox...
  3. K

    Passenger window regulator - Ph1

    Been having a problem with my passenger window regulator, with the passenger switch it was going up slowish, and super slow with drivers side passenger switch, today i replaced the regulator, it's now normal with the passenger side switch, but still slower with drivers side switch. Tried...
  4. M

    weird clutch problem

    Hello friends I have a clio rs 172 ph1 and when I bought it I had the original clutch fitted, but as I did a general overhaul I ended up replacing it with one (valeu) but at the end of a track day it started making noise and without any sensitivity, I came back the change there, on the following...
  5. mtph1pb_002


  6. mtph1pb_001


    Work car park things
  7. MaddRT

    Maddy's PB Ph1 172 Track Inspired Show Car & Weekend Toy

    Hi all, So I've made a post over @ 'New to forum' area with some background so check that out if you're interested in some context I started recording my project last year on Instagram under @m444drt which I plan to still update as I go down to convenience as I'm more of the millennial...
  8. MaddRT

    New Member Clio 172 Ph1 M444DRT, South Wales

    Hi all, I've been on numerous Renault OC's on Facebook for years with previously owning Twingos (GT & RS) so I thought it best to make an account & introduce myself here I've owned my project ph1 since 2017. Some details below: Registered Nov 2000 original reg X821 SNW Titanium Silver 150,000...
  9. P

    Ph1 172 daily

    Picked this up back in August last year in need of a bit of TLC and an MOT, but most importantly it's a straight car with full service history and with a great condition chassis. Since I've had it I've done the following: Key/immobiliser work ABS sensor Washer fluid pump Heater grill Cat...
  10. blito2790

    Gearbox for 172 Ph1

    Hello everyone, will you help me get a good configuration for my gearbox, since I feel the fourth speed is very long, yesterday testing the car gets very slow in 4th to 6000 rpm goes to 135mph and is moving very slow, which Would you recommend changing, the final drive, or the gearbox? my car is...
  11. Donz144

    10 year absence! Enter Ph1 172!

    Hi folks! Well after just over 10 years of owning other metal I am just about back behind the wheel of a Clio again! Like lots of memories the ones we harbour for our early cars can often be recalled through rose tinted specs! I was 22 when I sold my ph1 1.2 MTV edition and jumped behind the...