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  1. C

    2007 Clio 3 1.4 starting problems

    Hello everyone, I am encountering some really weird starting problems with my MK3 Clio. I've searched all over but haven't found anything related to this actual behaviour. When i try to start it, no MIL/check engine comes on, only the airbag and ABS and the lovely key light; immo stays solid...
  2. D

    Oil Pressure Fault

    My 1.2 Mk3 clio has thrown up the oil pressure fault. I've changed the pressure switch which hasn't solved the problem unfortunately, I'm going to change the oil filter in case that's clogged but is there anything else it could be apart from the oil pump? I was planning on selling the car so...
  3. C

    Clio 1.5 dci perfomance problem

    Okay fellas, so i changed one injector due to car not starting properly. After the change car starts pretty good, idling is good. But my perfomance is low, car won't go more than 1.9k rpm even with flooring the pedal. I had this problem before i replaced the injector, but it usually went away...
  4. T

    Is my head gasket blown?? PLEASE HELP

    i have a 2005 1.2 Clio (mark II) 124k miles Started noticing a significant loss of engine power, struggle to get the revs up, gear stick shaking violently while stationary at traffic lights now it’s at the point where it can barely even get up a Hill in low gear, hill starts are impossible...
  5. M

    Urgent help needed!!!

    Help?! I have a clio mk3 tce and it did have a fully atmospheric valve. I recently found out that it's the wrong type of valve to have on it. Knowing this I have just taken it off and taken it for a little test drive and it's spinning the fronts like mad (clio power!) But in second gear it hits...
  6. K

    Engine noise NOT Dephaser

    Alright, I need some help people! Searched al over and can see one thread that is anythin like this, but can't find the answer! I have a 2005 182 ff and had the dephaser and all belts, pulleys etc changed last sept, the car now has 93000 on the clock and has developed at tapping noise! When the...
  7. Treadless

    200t EDC Fastchip RSTuner Problems

    So after months of deliberation I decided to go against all common sense and instead of making the 10 mile trip to RS tuning (I live on the outskirts of Leeds) I thought i'd save myself a bit of time and money and get an RSTuner by Fastchip. I'd read good things about the RSTuner and Fastchip...
  8. C

    Cold start problem

    My Renault Clio mk2 1.4 16v doesn't seem to like the cold. If it's cold out side when I first start it it will Rev it's self really high up in the revs and if I try to drive it will just bog down and stop. Sometimes when I I'm driving and the car it's at operating temperature it will do the same...
  9. beeched

    Judder when moving off in first gear.

    I recently had a "Full Service" at Halfrauds Autocentres on my 1.2 16v. I have done about 200 miles since the service. I noticed the other day that the car will hold itself on hills without the use of any brakes. The "Mechanic" told me he had adjusted my handbrake because (In his words) it was...